Wednesday, 12 June 2013

What Every New Mom Should Know About Baby Shower Etiquette

Throwing a baby shower is not as easy as it seems because you still have to follow some basic baby shower etiquettes. However, these etiquettes are often overlooked because they are seen as too traditional and inconvenient. Ultimately, it is up to you which among these etiquettes you should follow depending on where you grew up and what kind of traditions your family and people around you follow. Before you send out the baby shower invites, you can use these etiquettes as a guideline on what and what not to do when throwing a baby shower. Check out the following paragraphs to learn more about baby shower etiquettes for new moms.

Who should throw the baby shower?

According to old tradition, only a person who is not a family member or a relative should throw a baby shower. The reason behind this is to prevent people from thinking that the family is asking for gifts for the baby. However, this old custom starts to become less popular because of inconvenience. Imagine having to wait for a friend who is willing to spend money to throw you a party. It does not mean that friends today are stingy. It only means that it is more practical to have someone in your family throw the party. Better yet, why not do it yourself if you have enough time?

When is the right time for the baby shower?

The ideal time for a baby shower is a few weeks before the due date. A baby shower is a great diversion, especially in the last trimester when your belly is at its biggest and you are feeling irritated and nervous at the same time. Planning a party for your soon-to-be-born baby will surely take your mind off the impending delivery. Some moms also organize their baby shower after giving birth. This is because some moms feel that it is more fitting to have a party after giving birth as a way to welcome the baby to the world.

Who should be on the guest list?

The baby shower is an intimate affair. This means that you should only invite family, relatives, and close friends. Someone who does not even know that you are going to have a baby should not be in the guest list because it means that you do not have a very close relationship with that person. Unless you are a celebrity, limit your guest list to up to 20 people.

Should I have one for every child?

Old tradition dictates that baby showers should only be for the firstborn. However, some parents think it is unfair for their other children. This is why today’s moms-to-be also plan baby showers for their succeeding babies. It is important to keep the succeeding baby showers simple. You do not want other people to think that you are always asking for gifts every time you have a new baby on the way.

When should invitations be sent?

Be sure to send out invitations a few weeks in advance. This way, your guests will be able to work the party into their busy schedule and at the same time find the perfect gift.

… written by Heather Preston is a semi-professional party planner and event organizer.  Her favorite part of the job is finding new and creative ways to celebrate established traditions and occasions.  In her spare time, Heather consults on party etiquette, and is working on establishing her own party planning blog.

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