Tuesday, 2 July 2013

5 Ways To Enjoy A Luxury Lifestyle For Less

Most of us would like to the chance to relax and put our feet up in lovely designer clothes, surrounded by some of the finer things in life. More and more savvy shoppers are finding out that they can achieve their luxury dreams on a budget with a few online tips and a little know-how. Thanks to an abundance of online deals and budget ideas, you can combat inflation and live comfortably while partaking in some enjoyable experiences this year.

Weekend activities


Designer clothing can make you feel confident, glamorous and special. Discount designer fashion outlets such as The Outnet and Getthelabel have multiplied over the past few years as more shoppers have started to explore their online options. The majority of these websites advertise the latest fashion lines and trends from the catwalks therefore you won’t have to scrimp on style to seek the bargains you desire.

The all important summer holiday

Some airlines hike up their ticket prices during weekends and Fridays as these are the most popular days to travel. According to Which?, flying back on a Sunday can cost you up to 45% more than a standard weekday ticket. Make sure to book time off work as soon as you possible to catch these mid-week flights. 

Package deals have become popular for travellers over the past few years. With so many travel deals on offer, an online price comparison site such as TravelSupermarket.com can compare these packages within your budget. If you fancy splashing out on somewhere special, luxury holiday sites such as Secret Escapes offer discounts of up to 70% for savvy shoppers. Although it may sound like a romantic idea, you are very unlikely to get a good deal if you simply turn up at the airport, therefore we recommend these online travel deals for a safe and secure option. 

Las Vegas alternatives

Las Vegas is widely considered the world’s glamour capital. However, if you are partial to a quick flutter at the card tables or have a preference for a glittering show and delicious cocktails, there are plenty of affordable Las Vegas alternatives closer to home including London, Barcelona and surprisingly Monte Carlo which has card tables for every budget at its many casinos. Top London casinos include Casino at the Empire with its exclusive Carlsberg bar, the Sportsman in Marylebone and the G Casino. Alternatively you can purchase a cheap flight to Barcelona to savour its glittering nightlife before returning to a hostel in the wee hours of the morning. 

Pre-owned luxury accessories

Many online sellers and brands have recognised the need for more affordable luxury accessories such as watches and handbags. As a result, many top sites including Watches of Switzerland now have an entire section which is dedicated to reduced, pre-owned items. We've had our eye on a couple in particular - including: http://www.watches-of-switzerland.co.uk/brands/longines-watches

You should definitely look out for these pre-owned sections rather than risk your cash with independent online vendors.

… written by Joan Smet is a free-lance writer from London. His passions include fine art, fashion photography and apple pie.

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