Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Design Tips For A Rustic Home

If you love the rustic look then you too can achieve it and you don’t have to spend a fortune to do so either. There are lots of things you can do to get a gorgeous rustic home and here is a list of ideas to consider:


Animal antlers are all the rage these days and they are a great touch to create a rustic look in your home. You can pick up a pair from an antique shop or from various sites online. There are also reproduction manmade antlers available too so even if you are a vegetarian and you don’t like the idea of real antlers you can still get the same cool look.

Homemade chandeliers

If you love a rustic feel then homemade chandeliers are a great idea. One way to do this cheaply is with simple wine glasses or various sorts and fishing wire, attached to a regulation light fitting. Alternatively BrightLightz has a number of lighting solutions that would suit a rustic pad.

Reclaimed log beams

Reclaimed wood is a must in a genuine rustic home and reclaimed beams in your ceilings will give your home an old school look, whatever age it is. You could also use reclaimed wood for shelving units, furniture and for various jobs around the home and this is guaranteed to give you a rustic look.

Rocking chair

Rocking chairs are not just for old age pensioners and they are a great way to add some old world charm to your home. You can find one cheap at a charity or antique shop or just search online and you are bound to find one or two that are perfect.

Dried flowers

Whenever you have a nice bunch of flowers you should hang them before they shrivel up and die. Then you can have dried flowers all around your home – a great way to get a rustic, country style look. Hang them everywhere and it will brighten up your home and even better, you don’t’ have to water them!

Tree stump coffee table

A great way to bring some nature into your home is to use a tree stump as the base for a coffee table. Fit a glass disc on top of a piece of tree trunk and you have a fantastic rustic coffee table that will wow your guests.


No rustic home is complete without a good selection of candles. Don’t worry about them matching, just scatter them around and put them in jars, old wine bottles and anything else that suits.

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