Thursday, 11 July 2013

Finding Your Place In Beautiful Daytona Beach

As one of the hottest tourist attractions and economically flourishing cities in Volusia County, Florida, it's not a wonder why so many people are now deciding to make Daytona Beach into their new permanent home.

That dream beach house

If you have always dreamed of living by the beach -- waking up to the sound of the waves clapping subtly against the shore, sipping your early morning coffee as the mild sea breeze brushes lightly against your cheeks, whisking strands of hair off your face, or perhaps take your kids on a beach picnic every single weekend if they'd like, then a home in Daytona Beach is the perfect choice for you.

Daytona Beach over the years

Over the past decade, this coastal city has seen some great developments aside from being a great beach destination and a haven for prestigious car-racing competitions. One, it has managed to clean up its reputation as a magnet destination for wild, party-loving spring breakers; second, it has become such a progressive scene in terms of real estate and has a number of areas still quite open for development. Meanwhile, green portions of the city have well been preserved which could work well to maintain environmental balance should massive commercial constructions ensue.

High-end establishments have also started to proliferate in Daytona Beach, which pretty much signifies that the city is doing well in keeping up with the tides of sophistication [along with the rest of the fast progressing cities in the U.S.]. Add to that the promise of a sunny, hurricane-free climate all year long, and you know it just couldn't get any better.

Finding a new home

It's not difficult to be convinced that Daytona Beach is the place to be -- but scouring through hundreds of properties and picking one to be your new home is the trickier part. Luckily, though, technology has really become more of an ally in the past years even when it comes to acquiring properties in real estate. Clients looking to buy a property may now take advantage of websites that provide assistance by presenting a side by side comparison of different properties, thereby expediting the decision-making process. Looking through a handful of Daytona apartments, condos, and houses has never gotten this easy, hasn't it?

One of the, if not the most important aspect in deciding to acquire a property by rent or purchase is the availability of funds. Real estate in general can be costly and would require the preparedness and willingness to invest.

The following quotes might give you an idea of what your budget can get you in Daytona Beach:

  • $250,000 and less

Chances are slim that this amount can score a beachfront property, but a one-bedroom condo that is just minutes away from the beach can't be that bad, can it?

  • At least $500,00

Beachfront property boasting of an idyllic ocean view and three spacious bedrooms is a good bet on this.

  • More than $500,000

With this amount, it will be safe to look forward to living in a house within a gated village, complete with a swimming pool facility, and five bedrooms.

written by Cedric Loiselle - a passionate and ever on-the-go traveler who also takes pleasure in sharing his traveling experiences through exceptionally-written articles. For online apartment bookings and reviews, he recommends

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