Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Home Design Tips For A Contemporary Pad

Some people like a rustic home, others a place with a retro look, but an increasing number of people are digging the contemporary look. This is all about clean lines, minimalism and bold features.

There are loads of things that you can do to if you would like to create a modern home and here are a few ideas to ponder:

Stylish mirrors

To get a sleek look you need a nice selection of mirrors. That means choosing a few that really accent your home and the other features inside it. There are loads of designs to choose from such as mirrors with lights down the sides which are ideal for bathrooms. You can find these styles at www.illuminated-mirrors.uk.com. There are also stylish mirrors in all shapes and sizes to go around the rest of your home and if you fit them near lights fittings you can increase the amount of light in your home.

Cool furniture

For a contemporary home you need to choose your furniture carefully. Clutter is no good in a modern apartment or house so pick a few select pieces that you really love. They will be your statement pieces of furniture and they will express your style eloquently if you choose well. This can be expensive but it doesn’t have to be. Going to somewhere like Ikea gives you the opportunity to pick up some sleek modern furniture at very decent prices, to accent your mirrors and other features.

Tasteful art

A good selection of art is a must in any home and a contemporary pad should have an array of pieces that fit with your home. They don’t have to match the colours of your furniture or walls but they shouldn’t clash either. Another tip for art is to only buy pieces that you love. This is something that you will look at every day so it should be something that makes you happy. Great art is worth whatever you are willing to pay for it but you can pick up inexpensive pieces so it needn’t cost you a fortune.


If a home is too minimalistic it can lack a feeling of home. For this reason it is important to have a few touches to show that people actually live in it. Flowers are a great way to do just that and for just a few pounds a week you can have some beautiful blooms brightening up your pad. Choose colours to match your décor or go for bolder colours to stand out.

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