Tuesday, 9 July 2013

How Does Lightning Affect The Appearance Of Your Living Room?

Lighting plays a significant, but often overlooked, part in the overall appeal and appearance of your living room. By playing around with both the lighting you already have installed and adding additional light sources around the room, you will see a noticeable impact on the way it looks and feels. Relatively minor adjustments without the need for rewiring can have a huge effect, so why not experiment and see what you could create today?

The living room’s design has changed dramatically in recent years; lots of households are now opting for open-plan living that incorporates the kitchen, dining and living room into one. This means that it is very difficult to make such a large area appear snug and cozy, especially in the winter. However, it is possible to create a cosy, intimate feel with the help of living room displays and carefully chosen and placed lighting.

There are various lighting techniques for your living room that will help you positively affect the appearance of your room. Fluorescent lights, often found in industrial spaces, can be harsh and bright. While it may seem easier to use these types of lights to fill a big space, I would definitely consider opting for incandescent lights which are warmer and softer. With the help of a dimmer switch, you can subtlety adjust the brightness of your lighting to create a romantic or calming ambience, depending on the time of day and the occasion.

To give your living room a proper lighting makeover you should consider the three basic light sources in the room. Firstly, your centre ceiling lights, which provide the main source of light for the room, are surprisingly the least ideal and least used light source. Regardless of the bulbs you use, filling a whole room with light will inevitably create an artificial and harsh effect. Focus instead on the low level lighting around your seating area. Ideally you should opt for short table lamps and position them on side tables at each end of the sofa.

Lastly, consider your low level TV lighting. This is arguably one of the most important lighting positions in the living room. Through careful positing of a floor standing lamp by your TV or directly behind it you can significantly reduce the pressure that the constant changes in light levels puts on your eyes as they have to continuously adapt.

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