Tuesday, 2 July 2013

How To Create A Dream Home With The Perfect Furniture

If you have recently moved into a new home or if you are thinking about doing up your property, you should aim to make it your dream home. Some people think that to be able to do that you have to spend a huge amount of money but that is not the case.

Thankfully because of the number of fantastic furniture retailers, such as www.topfurniture.co.uk, you can find furniture to suit your tastes and to suit your home without having to spend your life savings.

Here are a few tips to help you create your dream home by using the right furniture:

For a modern pad

If you like a contemporary look then there are some extremely cool pieces of furniture that could help you to achieve your chosen style. Modern style is all about minimalism and sleek lines, with little touches to accent your design pieces. For these reasons it is important to choose your furniture carefully as it will describe your taste and express your likes to your guests. Choose bold sofas and armchairs that will stand out in a minimalistic setting and colours that you can work around for a number of years.

For a rustic retreat

The rustic look is increasingly popular at the moment and it is a homely look too. It is all about reclaimed wood, dried flowers and upcycling. Your furniture can therefore be very cheap if you reuse old items or use them to build new pieces. Natural wood tables and chairs are a great idea if you want to get a rustic look and you can even sand down your current wood furniture to get that distresses, lived in appearance.

For a country cottage

Wooden furnitre also works well in a country cottage style home. And you don’t have to actually live in the country, or even in a cottage, to enjoy this style. For your comfy chairs you could go for plain pastel colours or even chintz patterns and that quaint country look will start to appear.

For a retro apartment

Retro style combines minimalism with carefully chosen pieces that echo previous decades and styles that have lasted through the years. Get your hands on a retro 60s style chair and put it in a plain white room for a super stylish retro room. There are some great design pieces of furniture from the 50s too and you can buy inexpensive reproductions to kit your home out without having to spend all your dosh.

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