Tuesday, 2 July 2013

How To Deter Burglars

Burglary is a scary crime to be a victim of. Even if they don’t take anything, someone uninvited entering your home makes a place that’s supposed to be your sanctuary, supposed to be safe, no longer feel that way. However, it is a crime that can easily be prevented and needn’t be expensive.

Take a Look at Your Property Through Their Eyes

This is a well touted piece of advice, because it can really help you to identify the vulnerabilities of your property. Go outside and look at your house from the street, or from across the road. Now, think like a burglar- what can you see? Do you have valuables in plain sight? Are there places in your garden where a potential thief could hide? Is there easy access to windows and doors?

Make Your Windows and Doors Visible...

This piece of advice may seem counter-intuitive to you, but to a burglar, a home with windows and doors visible to the street means that they are more likely to be seen breaking in. Cut away any branches or shrubbery that conceals your windows from neighbours and the street. It gives any thief less cover and will let more light into your home too.

...But Conceal Any Valuables

This goes for the outside of your property as well as the inside. If you’re exposing the front of your home to the street, then it pays to make sure that any valuables that you might leave outdoors, such as a motorbike, scooter or gardening tools, are kept secure and out of sight. Using net curtains will also conceal any valuable items that you might have inside the house, like a TV, laptop or computer, from being seen from the street and effectively inviting burglars in.

Keep It Tidy

Having a well maintained garden implies someone who looks after their garden, someone who hasn’t left the property empty. Therefore, having a regular routine of tidying and maintaining your garden, even if it’s just throwing away any trash that has accumulated in your garden, is really important.


There are many security measures that you can take, from installing a house alarm to not leaving the spare key out. The cheapest way to install security measures is to ensure that your windows, doors and gates have secure locks. For high performance hardware, take a look at Barrier Components - click here for their website.

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