Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Quilts–A Growing Trend For Homeowners

Today, quilts are making their way into the décor of more and more homes. This traditional piece of bedding is becoming a favorite choice with homeowners for a number of reasons. Find out some the reasons for this growing trend.

Adding Interest to a Room's Decor

A quilt with bright colors has the power to add instant interest to a room. In fact, many homeowners with walls in beige or another neutral color find that a quilt makes a room more inviting. Lots of people have found that the addition of a simple yet lovely quilt makes all the difference in the look of a room.

Complementing Colors

Another reason why so many people are opting to purchase quilts is to complement another item in the room. For instance, if a room has curtains in red, a person may choose a quilt in another shade of red to complement the curtains. This is an easy way to bring harmony to the décor of a room. Furthermore, there are so many quilts made with interesting patterns and colors, it's a simple process to find the perfect one. Anyone who's looking for a new quilt to spice up a room may want to check out Donna Sharp Quilts at

The Center of Attention

Today, there are many homeowners who like to decorate a room using a quilt as its central focus. The colors and patterns found around the room mimic those in the beautiful quilt!

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