Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Sprucing Up Your Space With Contemporary Lights

No matter how you have customized your house to the smallest detail, time will come when your decors will start to grow out on you. Worse, time will come when it will start to fall apart -- leaving you with no choice but to start an overhaul or a simple renovation.

The idea of redecorating or renovating can be daunting to some especially to those who are budget-conscious. Luckily for these people, a complete overhaul need not be done in order to tweak the current look of the home. Minor changes such as re-painting will do wonders.

Lighting changes

Another effective yet often overlooked tip is changing the lighting inside the house. One lighting type that unfailingly produces remarkable effects is contemporary lighting.

The following are some of the most common among such effects:

1. Giving traditional style interiors a more modern look.

Depending on your goal, modern lighting can provide a more modern finish to your home. If you feel that the classic ambience of your space is getting a little too old, adding modern-style lights to it will definitely go a long way.

2. It can change the mood in a given space.

Some spaces feel dramatic because of the lighting fixtures installed. If you feel the need to change the function of a certain room, say, make it more "functional" like from a simple gathering room to an office conducive for reading documents and the like, then changing the lighting will help you achieve this effect.

3. Contemporary lights help create an illusion of size.

Find your room a bit too small but don't want to redo it? Add (or subtract) lights and make sure you consult with an expert who will know how to strategically position them so that the desired effects will be achieved.

Considerations to be made when buying modern lights

If you are now sold on adding lights to your room to change its current look into something new and hopefully better, don't rush to the lighting shop in an impulse. Instead, do your research to know which types of lights will do best in achieving the effect you are going for:

  • Fluorescent - this type of lighting is usually used in commercial and industrial settings -- generally being the preferred choice because of its energy efficiency.
  • Incandescent bulb - this is the most common type of light used in households. It diffuses well and can be operated with a dimmer.
  • Halogen - this is the smaller counterpart of incandescent bulbs and are incredibly energy-efficient.
  • Light Emitting Diodes - more commonly known today as LED lights, these are the newest types of light bulbs. They come in every size and every shape conceivable and are highly energy-efficient as well.

Contemporary vs. Classic

Whether you want to achieve a contemporary or classic feel, you can do so by adding wall lights to the room. Classic lights give off a simple, homey, and elegant ambience while modern style lighting goes with columns, depth, highlights, and more minimalist effects. The type of lighting, though, has little to do with the effect; what matters more is the positioning.

… written by Cedric Loiselle - a highly talented writer who enjoys imparting useful information about home improvement to his readers. For lighting options, he highly recommends

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