Friday, 30 August 2013

10 DIY Storage Ideas for Your Living Room

Great storage is such an important part of living that you will really want to make the most of the storage in your home. There are plenty of ways that you can organise your belongings in such a way that they are easily retrieved again if you need them. Here are 10 do it yourself storage ideas for your living room.

Build a multi-functional shelving system

A multi-functional shelving system will create a lot of space by combining different things all in the one shelf system. You could have your tv, books, dvds and other things all in the one convenient built in shelf.

Built in storage

If you'd prefer to have your things hidden from view then make a built in storage cupboard in your living room with shelves inside so that everything has a place and you can retrieve things easily when you need them. Be sure to match the color of the new cupboard with your walls so that it blends in well.

Coffee table with storage

A coffee table with storage underneath is a great way of utilising what might ordinarily by unused space. If you can't find one that fits your needs, why not make one yourself!

Window seat

A window seat with storage underneath is a great way of utilising a useless space, and creating more storage for yourself. You can store anything from books to bedding, and still have the space as a place for people to sit.


Shelves are a great way of utilising wall space that would normally be unused. There are heaps of interesting shelving ideas that will help you to de-clutter the existing surfaces by storage your things high up along the walls.


Baskets are a pleasant way to organise things that might look cluttered otherwise. You could arrange things into different baskets according to their function, or colour co-ordinate and make them a show piece in the room.


A side board is a lovely addition to any room and will provide both the space of its surface and all the storage space inside. Make your own to suit the room, and have as many shelves as you want inside it. STIHL power tools make it easy to create any piece of furniture.

Foot stool with storage

A foot stool with storage inside is a great way of having two pieces of furniture out of one piece. A foot stool is a great addition to any living room, providing a place for your feet to rest and additional storage.

Wall Mounted TV

Mounting your tv on the wall will mean that it is one less thing to be taking up surface space. It is relatively easy to mount TVs on the wall if you have the right tools, and many newer tv's are made to do this and have instructions on how to mount them on the wall.

Colourful Display Boxes

Like the baskets, colourful display boxes can become a nice feature piece in your living room, while providing extra storage for your belongings.

… written by Mark Lathan - a construction foreman, and sports fanatic.

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