Friday, 2 August 2013

Freestanding Bathtubs And My Bath Companions

While searching for vacation rental homes or hotel rooms for our possible trip to Spain or Italy a few months from now, I just can’t help myself noticing how freestanding baths have become a part of a bedroom’s luxury feature.  Years ago, tubs such as these are only available in five-star hotels but now, even simple hotels have them.

Speaking from the heart, I would love to have a freestanding bath in our flat.  After six years, I have gotten bored with our single ended tub.  It’s not that fresh anymore.  With a few tiny rusts on the edges of the outer frame and some discoloration on the inner, I believe that it’s soon time for it to be replaced.  If ever, I want to have something like this Pearl Freestanding Bath or the Freestanding Xtacy Bath – both from  Have I mentioned that these pieces are on sale right now?

The Pearl Freestanding Bath – from £1,160 down to only £549 at

The Freestanding Xtacy Bath – from $1,299 to only £390 [also at]:

The stainless steel towel rail of the Xtacy Bath series is definitely a plus!

Speaking of baths, aside from aromatherapy candles, a rubber ducky, a cup of hot choco, food and fashion magazines are also fantastic companions while taking that long relaxing bath.  And when you’re really that lucky, you’ll even get a surprise visit and a kiss on the nose!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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