Saturday, 31 August 2013

If We Are To Migrate To The United Kingdom

In an earlier post, I’ve talked about how houses in Sweden capture my heart especially during the off-winter seasons, when colourful flowers are in bloom and the grass is in its greenest.  Discussing the topic with Bebe over dinner while watching BBC One’s Pointless [love this show on telly to bits – watched it via an iPad app, from yesterday’s episode though] has made him mention the beautiful houses in the UK.

I have been to London and some parts of the United Kingdom in August of 2010 and to be frank, I fell in love with the busy city in a flash.  Since the boyfriend has worked there for a couple of years a few years back, he understands how I feel.  As a matter of fact, he even tells me every now and then that migrating to London in the future is a possibility.  With the help of his British best friend, Lo, and credible real estate companies such as House Network Limited, searching for a lovely home is going to be a piece of cake.

If we are to migrate to the UK: My only request is that it’s quite near a huge Asian Supermarket and a few meters away from a large mall [not that demanding, am I?]. *big grin with a wink*

Living in one of these units in cetral London would be awesome…

… especially if it comes with a beautiful garden like this one:

Anyway, as of the moment, the plan is to spend a vacation in London again sometime in 2014.  No migrating, simply visiting for two weeks or so.  Then we’ll see what will happen next!

How about you?  Have you been to the UK?  Have you noticed those well designed gorgeous houses in and away from the city?

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