Thursday, 22 August 2013

Leaky Faucet Fixed In No Time

One morning, I woke up hearing this dripping noise that was coming from the kitchen.  Curious and worried at the same time, I rushed into the kitchen to see what was wrong.  The faucet wasn’t turned off the entire night, at least I thought.  I turned the handle to its off position but water kept on flowing.  It was then that I realized that it wasn’t a simple “I forgot to turn the faucet off” situation but was a leaking problem.  I took a deep sigh and got really stressed out.

Since my boyfriend was still in bed, I first tried fixing the issue on my own but to no avail.  I even watched a DIY faucet fix video on YouTube but still wasn’t successful.  No.  I wasn’t worried for the water bill as renting an apartment here in Sweden comes with a free supply of hot and cold water all year round [great, huh?].  The thought of wasting water due to leakage simply made me sad.

Anyway, my boyfriend also tried his luck but couldn’t figure out how to stop the leak.  Left with only one option, we called our landlord who then sent a certified plumber the same day.  It took him around 10 minutes to assess the damage and replaced the faucet with a new one which was great!  No charge, no fee!  Life is indeed awesome!

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Have a nice, problem-free day and don’t forget to save water!

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