Friday, 30 August 2013

Planning A Hen Weekend – How To Keep Everyone Happy

Getting married is one of the most exciting times any woman’s life, and the build-up to the big day is probably just as thrilling as actually getting married. But, before you finally tie the knot you will want to organise a hen party and if this involves a weekend away, there are all sorts of things to consider. What are you going to do while you’re away? Where will you go? Most importantly, how will you keep everyone happy? Traditionally, this job falls to the maid of honour but she may not know everyone you intend to invite so it will need some input from you.

Get Everyone Together

It’s not just your maid of honour that may not know some of the other “hens”. It could be that not all the girls know each other. One of the best things to do is organise a few drinks at home [or at a bar]. This is a great way to break the ice between ladies that have never met before. It also gives you the chance to find out what everyone’s likes and dislikes are.

Decide Where You’re Going

This will all depend on budget. It could be that you just want to go to a local spa for the weekend, or you could be more lavish and treat everyone to a weekend abroad somewhere hot and sunny. What will help when you’re deciding on where to go is to write out a rough plan of what everyone likes to do, if you find there’s a conflict somewhere try and look for a place that will suit everyone.  Once you have made a choice, make sure you know all the girls are more than happy with it.

Make Sure You Organise Transport

Ok, this might not be the most exciting part of your plans, but it is important. Before you book any type of transport make sure you know exactly how many girls will be attending (especially if flights are involved). If you intend to take taxis, get a kitty together so everyone can chip in for the cost. If you really want to keep everyone happy, consider organising a limo to the main event while you’re away.

To Accessorise or Not

There are all sorts of accessories available for an event like this, but you must remember that not everyone likes to dress up. Ask the girls what sort of accessories they would like. Of course, as you’re the bride-to-be it’s entirely up to you what you wear but don’t try and force a flashing tiara on someone who wouldn’t enjoy wearing it.

You Can Have the Perfect Hen Weekend

If you follow some of the advice above, and make sure that all your friends know what’s happening throughout the planning process you’ll have a weekend to remember. You’re the bride-to-be and it’s your big day that everyone’s celebrating, so it’s easy to stamp your feet and tell everyone what you want. However, if you’re accompanying hens are not happy, your weekend away won’t be any fun for you either!

Article donated by BHP Hens.

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