Monday, 5 August 2013

Reasons For Using A Vineyard Trellis System

Trellising is defined as the act of placing protective structures and other materials to ensure healthy growth of plants or grapevine. This is also associated with the term vine training systems or the vineyard trellis system. The word trellis refers to the actual vineyard posts, wires and stakes that are used in order to support the growth of the grapevine. These posts are also classified into two namely the steel posts, and the wood posts. Placing trellises on vineyards are very important in order to allow the plant to grow very well without any problems. Aside from this, using trellises will also prevent the vine from touching the ground, which can definitely affect the quality and type of the fruit. Nonetheless, there are also farmers or growers who allow the grapevine to grow freely without using any trellis structure to support the vine.

Another term that is also commonly associated with trellising is pruning. Pruning is the act of shaping, trimming, and cutting the cordon or arms of the grapevine in order to determine the amount of buds that are allowed to grow into fruits. In France, the number of buds that is outlined is regulated by the AOC regulations. On the other hand, pruning that occurs during the summer has a different purpose. This is done in order to remove the young plants or excess bunches of grapes.

One of the reasons why vine training systems are being used is to provide a perfect and proper canopy management. These systems also incorporate the use of pruning and trellising in order to manage and control the canopy of the vineyard. The canopy plays a very huge role in the outcome of the crops. This also affects the quality of the grapes produced since it can control the amount of air and sunlight that can come in contact with the plant. These elements are effective in ripening the grapes fully and preventing certain diseases that can destroy or alter the quality of the grapes.

Having a good canopy management on the vineyard can provide proper balance that can deliver photosynthesis to plants. It is essential that these canopies do not provide too much shade to the grapes since they can also cause the fruit to grow poorly. This also means that in order to have great tasting grapes, it is very important that enough air and sunlight are provided. Aside from providing good canopy management, vineyard trellis systems also deliver other important benefits to the grapevine. One of these is to deliver proper mechanization to some of the common vineyard tasks including the pruning, irrigation, and as well as the provision of pesticides, sprays, and fertilizers.

Aside from this, there are also several things that farmers or growers need to know in order to identify the type of trellis that they can use on their vineyard. In fact, the kind of system that can be used will depend on several factors. One of these is the climate of the location. There are some systems that are perfect against the intense heat of the sun. However, these systems may be inappropriate for locations that are very windy. Because of this, it is necessary to consider the climate of the location of the vineyard before selecting the type of trellis system that can be used.

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