Saturday, 31 August 2013

Today’s Wishful Thinking: Beautiful Swedish Houses And Real Estate Thoughts

On my way to work this morning, I was wide awake which was really not me.  I usually take a nap when taking the 45-minute bus ride while listening to my music collection on my mobile phone’s Spotify app.  But as mentioned, this morning was different.  I couldn’t help but admire the beautiful houses that the bus passed by one village after another.  I don’t know.  Could it be that the flowering plants plus the fruit bearing trees, the well maintained green lawns and pretty painted fences made everything look so enchanting?  The scenery made me wish for longer summer months and of course, a house of our own.

Living in a flat is not and has never been a problem.  However, from time to time, my boyfriend and I go online to check a number of real estate websites.  Although we can’t afford to purchase one at the moment, it’s exciting to compare prices, house models and amenities then talk about our dream home before finally heading on to zzzzz-land.

Speaking of real estate websites, I’ve noticed that a lot of properties remain in the market for a very long time and one of which belongs to a friend.  She says that they’ve tried everything… getting a good realtor, advertising online and in a weekend newspaper at least once a month.  Not to mention uploading loads of photos on Facebook and tagging friends just to get noticed but nothing seems to be working for them.  Yes, she and her husband are that desperate to sell the house.

Wishful thinking:  If only a company such as Property Rescue Limited whose aim is to help homeowners sell their properties fast exists in Sweden, it could have been problem-solved for my friend a long time ago.

Before I finally take a quick pause to grab myself some dinner, here’s a lovely photo of houses in Sweden.  Pardon the blurriness as the bus driver was in some kind of rush.  *wink*

How about in your part of the world?  Is it easy or difficult to sell properties?

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