Monday, 12 August 2013

Transform Your Home With Ash Furniture

Ash wood is a commonly used type of wood that is seen in furniture stores around the world. It is light in colour, ranging from white to light red, and has porous grains that are similar to grains seen in oak. It is hard and heavy, but also easily bendable, making it desirable for many different purposes –ranging from chairs, stools, and even baseball bats. It stains easily, which makes it fit into a variety of spaces and décor.

When it comes to designing the area you call home, one of the best parts of ash wood designs is the clean, contemporary look it brings to your space. If your design style is more contemporary, you’ll probably enjoy some of the unique, modern designs of ash furniture. Look around at the areas in your home that might need a little updating. Figure out what you can’t part with and what you can live without – then start shopping around for ash furniture designs.

We’ve compiled some distinctive pieces of ash furniture here to give you some inspiration on re-designing your home.

This steam bent table from John Booth is truly one of a kind. It comes in various sizes, so you could use it for a coffee table, a table at the end of your bed, or an extra work space in your office. If you’re not a fan of the light color, ash furniture holds stain well, so a quick staining session can transform it to match any space.

This chair and matching coffee table by Han Dong Yeop is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. This elegant design is truly for the person that has an all contemporary, modern style of design in the home. By combining individual pieces of ash wood and arranging them into uneven designs, there is a unique “cube” or “lego-like” look to it. The designer then finished the piece by smoothing it with a shell look. Imagine the conversation that will be started when your guests see this cool piece!

This outstanding lounge chair by Gardenista is a must-have for your outdoor patio space. The brown ash color goes great with any other outdoor furniture you might have and is an essential relaxation piece. It is resilient and durable, and is designed with ergonomics in mind. With this beautiful piece, you can sink into the beautiful wood grooves, recline, and relax.

Your home is your own world – your own peaceful retreat – away from the demands of work and life, so transform it into whatever you want. If ash wood designs are what stand out to you, look closely at your space and see how you can start incorporating these into your home. Ash wood is a symbol of durability, strength, and incredible uniqueness. With even a small piece of furniture – an end table, a small book case, or a patio chair – can renovate your space without any real effort. With the right arrangement of ash wood and accents, your home will express who you are.

Article brought you by ash furniture provider Lights and Furniture

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