Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Best Vacuums For Pet Hair

As the summer draws to a close, the amount of fur that your pets have shed will certainly be piling up. Pet rollers, sweeping, and constantly gathering the accumulating fur with your hands is just not enough, especially for people living in carpeted homes. The best solution for ridding yourself of unwanted pet hair in an efficient manner is a vacuum that can stand up to the job. Many vacuums will make this claim, but its the responses of actual pet owners that tell the real story. The following five vacuums have earned top ratings from owners who have won the battle against shedding.

The Dyson DC28 Animal

Appropriately named for its cleaning power, this vacuum is a bagless unit that utilizes a HEPA filter so that, in addition to collecting all the animal hair, your home is left smelling fresh. In the world of upright vacuum cleaner models, this machine earns high marks for reliability over time. The handling is nothing out of the ordinary, but buyers will love the fact that it easily makes the transition from carpeting to hardwood flooring.

The Hoover Windtunnel

This machine gives you options when it comes to cleaning pet fur. The unit comes with both bagless and bagging capabilities. Also featuring a HEPA filter and a capacity sensor, the airflow and handling of the unit are outstanding. Hoover also excels in creating a powerful machine that does not produce too much noise when in operation.

Panasonic's MCU

Although this vacuum lacks suction control, it does make up the difference in other areas when it comes to keeping pet fur under control. It preforms at its best when it is working on bare floors and can handle carpeting as well. The HEPA filter, full-bag indicator, and high-airflow attachments also add to its list of strengths. In addition, there is a less expensive, lightweight version of this model that is ideal for constant control of pet shedding.

Miele S 7580 Bolero

Keeping pet fur in check is also a good way to control fleas during this time of year as well. Incorporating regular dog flea treatment and regular vacuuming will prevent flea populations from invading your home. A valuable partner in this effort is the 7580 Bolero from Miele. It uses an extra-capacity bag, and it offers high-powered suction control. The HEPA filter keeps out other unwanted debris, maintaining clean air for you and your flea-free companions. This unit is on the pricey side, however, you cannot put a dollar amount on the value of living free of fleas and pet fur balls.

Miele S 7210 Twist

This further addition by Miele maintains its edge over the competition by featuring all of the benefits one would expect from a high-end vacuum suited for pet control plus the addition of the swiveling handle. This feature allows owners to tackle pet fur that may go unnoticed for months with no problems whatsoever. Fur has no place to hide when the Twist is put on the job. Suction control, tight-turning capabilities, and a full-bag indicator make this machine a great buy.

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