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Choosing Between Repairing Or Replacing A Damaged Roof

There are a number of factors that you should consider when choosing between repairing and replacing a damaged roof. One important factor should be what it will potentially cost you in the future to maintain your present roof should you opt for repairing and not replacing it. If you live in Brookhaven and need roof repair or replacement, a roof condition assessment is essential in determining if repairing or going for a roof replacement in Brookhaven is the best course of action.

Sometimes you might reroof too soon and this will be quite costly for you. However, when you wait too long, this might again be costly because of leaks and costly water damages. This is why timing is very important when choosing between repairing and replacing the roof.

A licensed general contractor with a background in home construction and remodeling will help you with an assessment of the general condition of your roof. This can help you determine if your roof is beginning to fail and help you decide what to do. Make sure the general contractor is licensed and insured and also works with an insurance adjuster because of the insurance requirements when the roof is repaired.

The Things That Will Damage Your Roof

When tree limbs from trees in adjacent areas fall because of wind, heavy snow or ice, they might cause damage to the roof.

The trees might cause debris to build up on the roof and a pile up can cause damages to the shingles and bring about rot of the structure of the roof.

A number of animals can bring about damages on your roof by causing it to start pulling apart.

Gutters and downspouts are very important in helping to release water from the roof. When debris gathers up on them or they are poorly maintained, water might collect and begin to seep through the roof and the roof might begin to disintegrate.

Heavy winds can cause the shingles of the roof to lift and with time, rain might begin to seep into the roof and leakages will start to appear through the ceiling and down the walls.

The protective mineral coating on asphalt shingles can be damaged by hailstorms, which can cause moisture and UV rays to create further damage.

When temperatures drop and snow and ice form, this can pose major hazards to your roof. Frozen ice and backed up snow are particularly hazardous to roofs because freezing and thawing will take off the shingles and leak into the house.

When roof flashings are damaged and water begins to leak into underneath, rotting will follow and you might have a problem of water damage.

With time, shingles can also dry out and begin to crack and even fall off because of the sun's UV rays. UV damage is an indication of an aging roof that needs replacing.

The biggest problem that causes damage to most roofs is moisture because a wet roof will easily get destroyed.

Storms, heavy winds, rain and tornadoes can also cause damage to your roof.

Why Roof Repair is Essential

If your damaged roof is not repaired, this might lead to damages in other areas in your home. Roof repairing is very important because it helps in maintaining the shape of your entire home. The roof keeps you and your family comfortable and a damaged roof has numerous inconveniences. Roof repair is also essential because it helps avoid further damage and will keep costs or repair or replacement at a much lower level.

When your roof leaks, water might seep into your home and collect in areas that it should not and this might lead to water damage. This might mean that you incur more costs and will eventually diminish the value of your home. A roof that is in good condition is also essential for your household's general well being because otherwise, your house might be venerable to animals and bug infestation.

When its time to get a contractor for the repair or replacement of your roof in Brookhaven, schedule a roof inspection and determine whether you should repair or replace your roof. 

This article was written by James Floyd

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