Monday, 30 September 2013

DIY: Removing And Deodorizing Cat Pee On Carpets

This fall, I love waking up each day to the sound of birds, the warm rays of the sun creeping through the window blinds and the fresh breeze of autumn --- this is my usual morning after my alarm clock rings its “wake up” tone.

However, the scene this morning was totally different.  Well, the birds still sang me their sweet chirps and a beam of light was able to enter the bedroom but the fresh breeze of autumn wasn’t there.  As I walked towards the living room, I could smell something fishy.  I could not figure out what was wrong at first and then it hit me… the carpet smelled like cat pee.  Then, my supposed to be a beautiful morning went all of a sudden unpleasant.

Since I needed to rush to work, my only choice was to take care of the problem when I get back home and so I did.  If only Green Choice Carpet Cleaning was just around the corner, I wouldn’t have to deal with the awful problem myself.  Although it was just cat pee, cleaning our carpet had been quite a pain.

That being said, below was the list of what I needed and the steps I did to remove cat urine smell:

I needed/used:

paper towels
3tbsp. vinegar mixed with 1tbsp. water
baking soda
3tbsp. hydrogen peroxide with 1 tbsp. detergent
rubber gloves

What to do:

1.] Gloves on and pat dry the carpet with paper towels.
2.] When paper towels come up dry after pressing it on the wet area, then it’s time to pour the vinegar-water mixture on the peed area.
3.] Pat dry the wet area with paper towels until the towels remain dry after applying pressure to it.
4.] Dust the carpet generously with baking soda.
5.] To deodorize, throw in the hydrogen peroxide-detergent mixture to the carpet.
6.] Grab your brush [I used an old toothbrush] and scrub the area.
7.] Leave it to dry.  When already dry, grab your vacuum and vacuum the peed area of your carpet to remove traces of baking soda.
8.] Smile because you’re done and the smell’s finally gone!

Honestly, aside from the unforgiving smell of the pee [urgh *sad face*], removing it isn’t that difficult especially if only a little area is the problem.  However, if you don’t have the time and the patience to do it yourself, always let the experienced professionals do the dirty work for you.

Have a wonderful week ahead!  Hopefully, no more awful cat pee mornings for me… and you as well!

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