Thursday, 19 September 2013

It’s Time For Fall Home Improvement!

It’s official, it’s mid-September and fall is finally here.  Although not that excited to wave goodbye to my favorite season of each year, summer, it is but right to move forward and welcome the colder months with open arms!

As observed, during the early weeks of the autumn season, almost everyone is busy for fall home improvement, making sure that each home [whether it’s an apartment, a condominium unit or a or single unit house] is prepared for the long cold winter months.

The roof and gutters – many homeowners know the importance of preventive roof maintenance and that they make it a point to have it checked on a regular basis.  If some repairs and replacements have to be done, it has to happen before snowflakes starts falling down.  For obvious reasons, it’s a lot easier to fix the roof [and gutters, too] before winter strikes in so make do it early!  For more tips and info, visit 2 Works For You.

Some energy saving tips:

1.] Let the sunshine in! --- Since the sun doesn’t shine for many hours during winter, make sure to take advantage of the heat from the sun.  Turn down your heater, open your curtains and allow the sun to send it natural heat into your home.  Remember to have the curtains closed when it’s starting to get dark!

2.] Digital thermostats are a great way to conserve funds on your heating and AC bills, all year long.  If you don’t have one yet, better get one for your home.  If possible, purchase the programmable one.  Simply set it to lower temperatures when nobody is home to help you save on your heating bill.

3.] Cleaning and maintenance of your heaters --- often neglected by many, it is very important to be certain that the heaters installed in your home are functioning well.  Heaters that are underperforming need to be checked, repaired or replaced if necessary.  For assistance, on heating and air conditioning systems, check out Airsource America.

4.] Insulate your windows – is easy to do it yourself!  Not that expensive, too!  You can easily find window insulation kits from your favorite hardware store.   You can also opt for a roll of heavy duty thick tapes!  You can also buy those fabric tubes [you can lay them on your window sills to block cold air from entering your home] from your local home improvement shops.  You can also get them online or make one yourself!

5.] On holiday lights --- since winter signifies the much-awaited Christmas season, make sure to avoid making your wallet cry while showing your holiday spirit!  Opt for LED lights as they are more energy efficient, last longer, more durable and even safer for your home.  Do not forget to turn off the lights when nobody’s home to save money on your holiday lights! 

This article was created in cooperation with Air Source America. Learn more about them on Facebook and Twitter.

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