Monday, 14 October 2013

10 Green Lifestyle Tips

Going green doesn’t have to mean completely changing the way you live and making huge changes. There are simple things you can do to reduce your impact on the environment that take little more than a bit of thought. You can start by making gradual changes and using the resources available to you. Once you change your mindset and keep focused on what you want to achieve you will start to feel positive about your progress. Don’t think your contribution won’t make a difference, because the small changes you make really do count. Here are 10 green lifestyle tips to help get you started.

1. Recycle When You Move House

Don’t be tempted to simply throw everything away. It is a lot easier but it is such a waste. Moving house is probably one of the best opportunities to recycle all the unwanted junk in your home. You will probably be shocked at the amount of stuff you can reuse and recycle. Speak to your local council to find out how to dispose of different types of rubbish before the big move.

2. Donate Your Old Car

Instead of dumping your car or selling it privately, why not sell it to a charity scheme? The charity will take away your old car and donate the cash directly into their charity. Car donation schemes work with lots of different charities so you can choose one that is close to your heart.

3. Eat Sustainable Seafood

When you are buying fish from the supermarket or a market, make sure that it has been sustainably caught. This means that it has been caught without reducing the target species’ ability to maintain its population and without adversely impacting on other species.

4. Buy Energy Efficient Appliances

Technology has advanced in very helpful ways that allow us to purchase appliances that are much kinder to the environment. Look out for energy efficiency credentials on all new appliances you buy. It will save you a lot of money and reduce your impact on the environment.

5. Check Your Attic Is Well Insulated

The attic is one of the places in your house where you will lose the most heat. With winter drawing ever closer, make sure you check that your attic is well insulated. By doing this you may reduce your dependency on central heating and it will keep your house warmer for longer.

6. Recycle Your Clothes

Find out where your local clothes recycling bin is and take all your unwanted clothes down there. They can then be sold in charity shops providing vital funds for important causes. Try and sort through your clothes regularly to see which things you don’t really need. It’s also worth asking your friends if they would like your second hand clothes or saving children’s clothes to use as hand me downs.

7. Buy Fair Trade Products

Try and buy fair trade products as much as possible so that the people who made the products get paid fairly for their products and labour. You should be able to easily spot the fair trade logo on supermarket products.

8. Try Some Green Apps

There are so many different apps that can help you to live a green lifestyle. From apps that help with organisation to specific green apps that provide information and guidance on things like recycling and being energy efficient.

9. Grow Your Own Food

Don’t rely on supermarket food, start to grow your own produce in your back garden. It’s such a rewarding and satisfying thing to do. You will be able to produce your own food in no time and benefit from fresh, organic fruit and vegetables.

10. Try Video Calling

Although it is obviously nicer to see people in person, if your meeting is not very important then why not do it by video call? With the apps and gadgets available these days video call is so simple, you can even do it on some mobile phones. Keep connected with people over video chat rather than using your car and driving.

Neil Maycock loves to blog about green living, recycling, and renewable energy. He is a marketing consultant for My Fusion Heating

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