Tuesday, 29 October 2013

5 Reasons To Install Sound Proof Windows

Many homeowners today are seeking to replace old windows in their homes with modern sound proof windows. High quality windows are an easy and affordable way to increase the value of a property. Sound proofing is a smart investment to make in a home because it offers numerous advantages.  Below are 5 great reasons to install sound proof windows in your home.

1. Block Out Neighborhood Noise

Even the nicest of neighborhoods are not noise free. From loud kids to trash trucks to lawn care equipment, there is no shortage of annoying sounds that may be heard ringing throughout a street on any given day. With sound proof windows, homeowners can enjoy a comfortable and quiet environment inside of their home, no matter what is going on outside.

Families with babies and young children can certainly appreciate having a quiet interior for nap times and in the evening and early morning hours. Folks who work the night shift also need to have the ability to get proper rest in a noise-free environment. Sound proofing with windows provide an excellent way to block out all of those distracting noises throughout the day and night.

2. Lower Heating & Cooling Costs

Windows that are designed to be sound proof will also block air from escaping and entering when they are closed. Many windows are not energy efficient, as they will allow air to pass through because of a poor design or low quality materials. Installing new windows can provide a high level of thermal insulation, which ensures that the interior temperature of the home remains stable. When homeowners set the temperature in their home, they can be sure that it will remain steady, and their heating and cooling bills will also reflect that right away.

3. Durability in Inclement Weather

Durable windows are much safer during extreme weather conditions because they are much less likely to shatter. Some windows are even classified as shatterproof. Inclement weather conditions like high winds, heavy rain, sleet, ice, and more can pose a number of problems for homeowners with low quality windows. High quality sound proof panes provide a greater level of security in all types of weather.  

4. Improved Air Quality

In addition to keeping out noise pollution, new windows will also help keep air pollution out of a home. The air quality inside of a home can easily be improved with durable window panes blocking out particulates, dust, and other debris that can have a negative effect on air quality. Cleaner air contributes to a healthier lifestyle, allowing people to feel their best when they breathe.

5. Added Value for Resale

Homeowners looking to increase their value of their property can do so by installing sound proof windows. They are very desirable for potential buyers, and they can be especially helpful when selling a home in a noisy area. Homes located near busy roads or in noisy areas may be less appealing to buyers, but with windows that block out as much as 80% of outside noise, potential buyers are much more likely to consider a property.

Sound proof windows offer up many advantages for homeowners. From lower energy costs to a quite interior, there are many good reasons to have new windows installed. Instantly increase the value of a property by investing in modern, durable windows.

This article was written by James Carmichale.

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