Sunday, 27 October 2013

9 Questions To Ask A Pool Installation Company Salesman Before Buying

To dig a hole or not to dig a hole, that is the question…

Ask most home owners what they believe would improve the value of their property and they will answer quite easily…. a pool.

To safe guard you we have come up with the 9 most important questions you need to ask a Pool Installation Company salesman before buying a pool.

1.      What kind of warranty will you give me on my pool?

Most manufacturer’s warranty the parts for your pool, for between 2 and 10 years depending on the parts, pumps, filters, heaters and like products are the kind of things that are covered under these sorts of warranties. The actual builders warranty is another thing entirely, some states carry hefty penalties for builders who do not provide adequate assurances that they will live up to their promises. 

2.      Do you quote based on site evaluations?

A site evaluation is one of the most important steps in the process of buying and building a pool. It is also the ONLY way a quote for a domestic pool should be given.  The way a pool is built is determined on lots of factors that can’t be known if the pool site isn’t properly inspected, ground conditions, adequate space and privacy are all major factors in what sort of pool you should have and taking a quote over the phone is risky [and pricey] business!

3.      Do you provide references?

Any good business will have happy customers and let’s face it, when it comes to trade businesses word of mouth is key. Pool Installation is a great example of this and a good company will gladly give out numbers for previous clients [with their permission of course]. Beware written testimonials and references, you don’t know where they came from and are unlikely to be true “customers”.

4.      Are you insured?

No builder should start work on your property without specific insurances. Some states request a Home Warranty Insurance Certificate be valid for pools over a certain dollar value, this covers the home owner against incomplete or poor work should the builder disappear [this does happen!].  The company you chose also need their own liability insurance in the event something happens to someone on your property during the build.

5.      Does the price quoted cover everything?

There are so many different things that must be taken into account when costing any construction on your property. Specific permits must be obtained, special equipment may be needed for excavation, certain environments require specific materials and so on. A reputable company will quote you for ALL work to be undertaken and include permit, material, extra equipment and labour costs.  The quote should be itemised and have the company details including their ABN/ACN, full address details, builders licence number and SPASA membership number.

6.      What is involved in the installation process?

Your pool installation salesperson should be able to give you a fairly concise run down on what is involved in the construction of your pool. This run down should cover what the project time line should be, allowances have to be made for inclement weather and things out of your normal control but for the most part the time line should be pretty accurate. You have to have a realistic idea of how long there will be a giant hole in your back yard!

7.      Do you provide after sale service?

A reputable pool installation company will offer a comprehensive after sale service plan. This will involve water testing and regular checks on the equipment to ensure everything from your filters to your PH is the way it should be. They will come out and service equipment and troubleshoot issues, make sure you know what level of service you are signing for before you actually sign!

8.      How long have you been in business?

You want to know the company that builds your pool has been building pools for a while and know what they are doing. The company you choose should be up to date with new technologies and methods and be able to answer your questions. If they can’t there is a problem!

9.      Do you comply with work safe regulations?

No matter what kind of work is involved you want to know your builder follows safe work practices! Digging a giant hole in your backyard carries hazards for the occupants of your house as well as the builders. Is the excavation fenced off? Temporary pool fencing is required when an excavation is able to hold 300mm of water. Are the parts for my new pool being stored safely? Is my yard going to remain open to allow machinery in and out at night? Your safety and security is the most important factor!

Contact SPASA in your state for a full list of members and for more useful information.

The team at TTFS offer temporary pool fencing Australia wide.

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