Friday, 11 October 2013

Getting Your Garage Organized

It’s time to get your garage organized, and you’re wondering where to start. There are countless ways to add storage to your home, and that includes the garage. Here are a few ideas to help you start getting your garage in order, so you can find things when you need them and have more space.

Plastic Bins and Clear Labels

One challenge with garages is that you have countless small items mingling with larger tools. Start by assembling your tools and organizing them. Then you can start organizing things you don’t use frequently into labeled plastic bins that you can stack. You might put your collection of spark plugs in one. Create a bin for finishing nails and the nail set. Use another one for touch up paint for the cars or your chamois towels. As you get them organized and labeled, you can stack them neatly on a shelf for easy access.

Open Shelves

Invest in shelves for those items that are far too large for bins. When you can easily see your paint cans and camping gear, then you’ll know what you have and where your tools are. Consider adjustable shelves that can be used to house tools, toys and other goodies.

Locking Cabinets

Locking cabinets that hang on the wall are ideal for valuable tools and dangerous chemicals. Keep them locked tightly away to protect your kids from accidental harm. If you leave the garage door open while you’re working in the yard or the kids are playing, then people walking by won’t be able to glance in and see what you have in the garage.

Tool Boxes for Hand Tools

You use your hand tools regularly and want to be able to find them quickly and easily. Consider Waterloo toolboxes at to get them organized and contained. You can neatly lay out your wrenches, screwdrivers and other tools for visibility and easy access. All of your tools will be in easy reach and safely protected from danger. If you need the tools out in the driveway, you can use the casters to take the whole tool chest out there. You can also lock the wheels to hold the cabinet tightly in place against a wall.

With the right supplies, you can get your garage organized. You don’t have to live with messy work spaces or continue losing your tools. Make the investment in an organized garage today, so you can enjoy a more pleasant work space in the future.

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