Tuesday, 8 October 2013

How Minimalist Can Our Homes Actually Be?

The way in which we style our homes is a direct reflection on not only personal taste but the functionality of the home and the way in which it is used. Many modern family homes are restricted in the designs included in the home, children are the main factor that prevents certain style influences from being adopted as a home needs to be practical and suitable for children and families and to ultimately create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere to utilise the space to its full advantage. Homes can be adapted to fulfill any needs, fortmyersrealestate.com are just one of many real estate agents that have homes in every shape, size and style imaginable, house buyers carefully consider the type of home they want to meet their needs and interior design works along the same principle.

One of the most popular interior design themes of the modern day is minimalism, but how easy is it to incorporate into the family home and adopt into a lifestyle?

Premise of the Minimalist Theme

  • Minimalism calls for no clutter within the house, surfaces must be clear and the basic principle of the theme is ensure spaces are compulsively neat and tidy

  • Interesting furniture pieces make up the rooms and separate the spaces into their different functions

  • Only the absolute necessary is included, less is more.

  • Clean lines, subtle materials and a formal edge is the outline of incorporating a minimalist theme

  • White, beige, grey, wheat and black are the key colours

  • Timber, polished looks, concrete and stone are the key materials

  • The design is structured in its format and its appearance

Is it Practical?

  • The minimalist theme is said to create a calming environment that reduces the ‘busy’ feel which so often appears within a modern day home

  • It is almost impossible to have any form of design structure within the home if there are young children present, they should have the freedom to be relaxed and expressive in their own environment

  • A busy and functional home needs to have room for manoeuvre, design that fulfills the needs of home fashions whilst perfectly serving the family

  • We own more items than ever before, with the constant flow of new technology, material items, the need for more personal effects, our homes are full to the brim and storage is already used to its full capacity

  • Structure in the home is inappropriate and unrealistic for family living

Can We Adopt Minimalism into the Home?

  • Minimalism in its most stark form is unsuitable for family homes, it requires a high level of restriction that is unfair to the family that resides within the home

  • Design relies on a certain amount of personal interpretation and this is the best way to ensure the theme can be incorporated into the home without limiting inhabitants

  • Combining the style elements of minimalism with the functionality of the modern home will enable both purposes to be served and a stylish and usable space to be created

  • Modern living and family life go hand in hand and both need to be considered before a design theme is chosen

  • Minimalism is one of the most expressive forms of interior design and works perfectly to create a stylish and modern home yet it is best included in homes that are able to enforce restricted living and focus on design

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