Thursday, 24 October 2013

How To Choose The Right Colour Rug For Your Room

Decorating the rooms of your home or office can be heaps of fun. For some of us it might not be as simple as it looks when working out what colour rug would look best in a room, and we might need a little bit of help with this part of the decorating. Here are some things to think about when choosing what colour rug you will put in your room.

Where is it Going?

One important thing to think about with choosing what colour rug is where it is going in the room. Will it be a feature piece, or one that is used to define an area in the room? Or is it just a small addition to the décor, to add a splash of colour, or softness? Working out where it is going to go will help you work out if you want it to be the main event, or a colour that blends in with the other décor.

What is its Purpose?

Thinking about the purpose of the rug is another important thing to consider when making a decision about what colour will be best for the room. If it is for a high traffic area then you probably won’t want to get a light colour as it may get dirty pretty easily with a lot of people coming through. Although if you have a ‘shoe’s off at the front door’ kind of house, then it might not make too much difference what colour you get.

How Big is the Room?

The size of the room will make a difference as to what colour you choose, as if the area is small, then you would be much better to get lighter, softer neutral colours as they will help the room to look bigger. If you have a small room and put a dark colour rug in it, it might close the room in and make it feel smaller. For a formal setting you might want to have a smaller rug with furniture around it, but for a more casual one you could go for a large rug with the furniture on it.

Shape of Rug?

Depending on the shape of your room, you might be going for a different shaped rug than the regular sort, or rectangular one. The colour that you choose might vary depending on the shape of rug you think will fit the room best. Square rugs can fit perfectly into a living space, and colour will vary depending on the other décor, or a circular rug will create a sense of movement and energy, especially if you go for a bright colour!

Room Colour Scheme

Generally if you have a sense of creative flair you will be able to work out what colour rug would go best with the colour scheme you have already picked out for the rest of the room, without too much trouble. A couple of ways to look at it is that you could either choose a colour that matches perfectly with highlighted areas in the room, for example it might be the colour of the door trimmings, or cushions on the couch; or in a neutral coloured room you could make the rug the feature piece and choose a colour that stands out. The next step is to go and check out loads of different rug styles, colours, and designs so you can find the right one for your room. One place to start is here

This post was written by Vic Bennet, a stay at home mother of three, and a writer for home design and home improvement.

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