Sunday, 13 October 2013

Interesting Architecture: Top 5 Unique Roofs

Roofing is a critical part of any structure, being responsible for both the structural integrity of a building in addition to protecting the interior from the elements that surround. While some companies like Kidd Roofing usually deal with more typical styles of roofing, this fact has not stopped designers from getting highly creative with their ideas, however. A quick look at some of the most bizarre roofs in the world may have you thinking outside the box the next time you look above your head and consider the possibilities.

Guards Overhead

Barcelona is home to some of the world's most creative and unique architecture, making it no surprise that it is a wonderful destination for locating usual roofing. The structure resting atop La Pedrera has converted ventilation openings and chimneys into true works of art that depict sentinels. These guards keep an out out for the building's residents while simultaneously keeping air in circulation through the narrow slits in their helmets. The remaining portion of the roof is tiled and leads to enormous, less recognizable creations that are made of mosaics of white tile.

The Leaf Roof

There is a unique Brazilian home seated just outside of Rio de Janeiro whose roof is made in the image of a blooming leaf. Built by architects in order to encourage a more intimate relationship between man and nature, this roof is the ideal compliment to the structure which houses only verandas and open spaces rather than actual rooms. The design is also completely green, using only the northern trade winds for both cooling and ventilation.

Liquid Roofing

In addition to being strange, a completely unique roof can also be functional. In fact, the two elements often combine. Such is the case with the Water Reservoir Roof at Mina. Situated in Saudi Arabia, this building draws in over 2 million pilgrims annually. The outer shell of the roof is constructed of purely reinforced concrete and has a diameter of 365 meters. The roof constitutes one of the largest concrete shells that is cable-stayed in the entire world.

A Strange Project

The “Roof of the Core” that caps the Eden Project in the United Kingdom draws upon naturally occurring geometrical shapes to complete its design, giving it a strange and scaly appearance. It is composed of timber panels and recycled newspapers primarily. There are also additions of copper paneling and solar panels meant to up its “green” component. Glass pyramids and windows of a huge variety all combine on the surface as well, although, they seem to have been placed randomly. The result is a roof that appears to be an alien hybrid reptile of some kind.

High Strangeness

Tradition often breeds quite unusual building practices when you begin to look around the globe. The traditional Torajan ancestral homes feature huge arching rooftops that are constructed using split-bamboo layers that stretch skyward. They are carved and decorated using red, black, and yellow graphics that reflect beliefs passed down throughout the culture. Known as “Tongkonan,” these homes with highly unusual designs have become the center of cultural life for these people.

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