Thursday, 31 October 2013

Modernise Your Kitchen Without Breaking The Bank

When decorating on a tight budget it's important to choose renovations that will have a big impact at the lowest cost. When updating a kitchen there are many options that will improve the look of the entire room. Following are seven ways to modernise a kitchen without breaking the bank.

Control the natural lighting.

The amount of sunlight that enters a room can make it feel larger or smaller than it really is. The curtains and blinds that let in the light also have to fit in with the rest of the room's decor. Roman blinds are sleek, modern and easily adjustable. They are available in a wide variety of styles and shade levels and provide the ease of traditional blinds with the decorative appeal of curtains. Most Roman blinds are completely opaque for maximum privacy, but some are translucent and add light while still concealing the inside of the home.

Make an old-fashioned kitchen contemporary with new colours.

Give outdated cabinets a new look with bold paint. Take dull colours and replace them with vibrant hues of yellow, red or orange. If that's too large of a step, replace accessories or decorations with more colourful alternatives. Even swapping out appliances can give a kitchen a completely updated look. Consider replacing older machines in white, steel or black finishes with reds. If modern minimalism is more your style only change half of the room. Leave upper levels their original colour and paint the lower cabinets with a basic colour such as white, black or gray.

Organize the food storage area.

Clutter makes kitchen decor look dull and unimaginative. The best way to show off your kitchen's assets is to clear up any unnecessarily used space. Arrange the pantry so that everything is categorized and foods are easy to find and easy to replace. Place items in bins and baskets and label them accordingly. Keep similar items together in each container and decorate the baskets to match the new colour scheme using ribbon or paint. If you cook one type of dish often, keep its ingredients close together so as to avoid having to tear down the kitchen when it's time to cook.

Change the mood with under-cabinet lighting.

The lighting in a room can completely change the mood or warmth it exudes. Under-cabinet lights are an energy-efficient way to illuminate the counter areas. In addition, such lighting makes it easier to perform in the dark without using powerful and expensive lights. Many under-cabinet lights are easy to install and use without the help of a professional. Puck lights can be screwed to the bottom of a cabinet and plugged into a wall outlet while other styles are battery-operated. Tape lights have an adhesive backing and can be cut to the desired size.

Remove and replace old cabinet handles and drawer pulls.

The cabinets can define a kitchen. If they are outdated or rusty, it will affect the entire look. Considering how often they are used, cabinet handles can be the first parts of the kitchen's hardware to deteriorate and break. Even if the woodwork is immaculate, old knobs and handles will become an eyesore. Drawer pulls can be purchased inexpensively per unit and installing them is simple. Be careful if you have a large kitchen with lots of drawers and cabinets. In this case the price can add up quickly.

Give the floor a new finish.

Next to the cabinets, floors are the most noticeable feature in a kitchen. Damaged and dirty floors hint at the room's age, so updating them is always worth considering. Black paint adds a touch of elegance and mystique while solid white gives a modern feel. White paint can be topped with a gloss to prevent staining. For even more style, consider adding a stencilled design into the most frequented area of the floor. Patterned stencils add colour and flair and often take guests by surprise. As an alternative, make the floor pop by painting it in a diamond pattern with contrasting colours.

Decorate by bargain shopping.

Decorations, keepsakes and accessories should be updated periodically to keep the kitchen feeling new. Often this means spending hundreds, or even thousands, on fancy decor. Kitchen furnishings can be purchased from online sellers and networking sites at extremely reduced prices. Frequently you will find quirkier items or those not available in retail stores. Not only does this method save money, but it is perfect for those who prefer to have a unique style.

When upgrading, it's imperative to stick to a plan and be willing to put in some elbow grease to decrease spending. Stick to simple improvements that can be done without professional help. Painting, installing new furniture or adding decorations are a few ways to begin.

Daniel Johns is an experiences interior designer with over 10 years in the industry. He is always on the lookout for high quality and low cost ways of improving the home and recommends Curtain World in Perth as a leading suppler of curtains and blinds.

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