Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Bring Your Room To Life With Bamboo Blinds

Doors, chairs, sofa and other household accessories like lamps, floral centerpieces and live plants are resources that give a room character, that exemplify the personality of people who live in a home. Unlike exterior features such as a side driveway or full and back yards, these accessories and furniture pieces can accentuate any home, an apartment or a large house.

Another resource that homeowners have at their fingertips are window treatments. Drapes, bamboo blinds and curtains serve as elegant window treatments. When designing homes with drapes keep in mind that, "The longer the curtains, the more dramatic and elegant the design," according to HGTV.  Furthermore, "When trying to design casual and more informal space, try using shorter curtains."

Bamboo blinds can also give rooms of your home the style you want, whether that's an elegant, casual or contemporary style. Bamboo blinds are made from natural materials. They are constructed from wood, jute, reeds and grass. Not only can the window treatments be used as living room window dressings. They can also be used in the bathroom, kitchen and in bedrooms.

If bamboo blinds are used as a bathroom backsplash, they should be cut to the proper length. Furthermore, you'd have to install heavy drapes to get the same level of insulation that Payless Decor bamboo blinds provide. Insulation from the blinds helps to keep heat inside your home during cold months and cool air in your home when it's hot outside.

To get less insulation in your home, purchase bamboo blinds that are shorter than the length of your windows. Purchase longer blinds to increase the amount of insulation you get in certain rooms in your home. This is a reason why it's very important to measure your windows before shopping for the window treatments.

After you hang the blinds, if they don't block out enough light during the day or provide enough privacy at night, consider hanging curtains behind the blinds. One of the advantages of using the window treatments is that you can shorten the window treatments by simply rolling the bottom of the blinds up several inches with the pull of a string.

As a tip, Roman style bamboo blinds are thicker than some other styles. Focus on working with interior design companies that carry several different types of the blinds. For example, there are stores that sell horizontal and vertical blinds. Choose stores that also carry a variety of drapes and curtains, and you could get window treatments for your entire home on a single trip.

It's also a good idea to look out for steep discounts while shopping for the blinds. For instance, there are stores that offer the blinds at a 40% discount during certain sales periods. On purchases of $350 or more, you might be able to get an additional 5% off on orders. You may have to use a promotion code to reap the additional savings. However, one of the best ways to get the steepest savings may be to spend time comparing prices, styles and pick-up or shipping options at a variety of stores.

Jared Donahugh

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