Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Contemporary Outdoor Living

There are many options you can choose for outdoor living. Whether creating an outdoor living room, a comfortable patio or even a kitchen. There are many tips you need to consider when designing your outdoor living space.

Know What You Are Working With

When considering a contemporary outdoor living arrangement, it is important to be aware of a few things first. Such as determining the size of your space and making sure the ideas for your outdoor living space compliment your home’s design. Consider your budget. Before you start, look into your budget. If it is tight, plan on working on setting up your outdoor arrangement in stages until such amount of time until you can finish it. Start with patio then do landscaping, then lighting followed by decor and so on.


Choosing proper outdoor furnishings is very important when designing a contemporary outdoor living space and there many different aspects to consider.

  • Natural Elements - Is the area you live known to have prevailing winds? Is the sun orientation something that needs to be considered in the spot you are placing your outdoor living arrangement? You don't want your outdoor living room to be hot or windy.

  • Design - What colors are your house? Which design concepts are you looking into? What looks are important for you and are things you need to stay clear of? Make sure your design meets your specific wants and needs.


To change the environment your outdoor living space is located in, there are a few options you can look into. Having a patio that leads to your kitchen then decorating with some lights and plants will give your outdoor space more of a comfortable living feel.

  • Privacy - Give your living arrangement some privacy by putting in a fence or planting some tall wedges around it. You can also use decorative stones or screen which will add beauty and class to the entire seating area.

  • Location - Choosing a location with a great view is a great way to add a landscaping concept without the expensive add ons. If your home is on a body of water, let it face that or let it overlook flowerbeds or any other attractive scenery.

  • Shelter - Your entire outdoor living space doesn't need to be shaded, but at least having a covered area will prove to be beneficial. Consider some type of shelter from the sun and rain whether it is umbrellas, a gazebo or an awning of some kind.

Patio furniture is an important piece of your landscape. It can make or break your design especially with a contemporary outdoor living space. Usually wicker patio furniture sets come in a lot of different contemporary styles. Visit www.allamericanpool-patio.com for more contemporary seating options.

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