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Generate More Leads Using Your Real Estate Lawn Sign

Lawn signs are used in many different ways: political campaigns, yard sales, business signs, and for amateur entrepreneurs. One of the most frequent and well-known uses, however, is as real estate signs. These carefully designed signs draw the attention of neighbors in the area, alerting them that the home is for sale, and advertises the sale of the home to potential customers. The signs are also useful for helping other realtors and potential customers to find the home which is for sale. In order to make sure that the sign is effective, however, there are some important points to bear in mind.

realestateWho Are You Trying to Sell To?

Begin by targeting your main audience. You need to carefully determine whose attention you are trying to attract and then design your sign to appeal to them. If your sales efforts are mainly geared toward families, then use your sign to convey a welcoming and home-style feel. On the other hand, if you work mainly with high end office space, keep your sign modern and professional. If you work with a wide variety of types of properties, then keep your design neutral, but not too neutral.

What Information Should Be Included on the Sign?

Some information, such as the name of your firm or brokerage, your name, and your contact information are important to include. Once these things are included, you’ll have limited space for any other messages. Whether you want to set a large “For Sale” in the middle of the sign or include your business logo, you’ll need to carefully consider the main point of the sign. At this point, determine what the most important message is that you are trying to share, and take care to make that message most prominent part of the sign.

What Sets Your Sign Apart from the Rest?

Think about the last political campaign in your area. You may read each different lawn sign at first, but as the numbers of those signs grow, you hardly give them a glance. This is especially true when so many of the signs have the same kind of design and colors. This same situation occurs when there are a number of properties for sale in one area. You need to design your real estate signs to set your properties apart from the rest. You’ll need your signs to be both professional and inviting. Take a look at the major players in your area, and determine what makes their signs the same. How can you break from that mold to offer up a different type of sign?

Figure Out the Details

Once you have answered these important questions, you’ll be able to tweak the final details of your sign. These details might include elements like:

     - Type of font

     - Color of background

     - Color of font

     - Placement of pictures and words

     - Addition of other elements required by the local government

As you consider the importance of your real estate lawn signs, it will be clear that careful planning must go into their design. Remember who your targeted audience is, what you want them to take away from your sign, and how your sign will grab their attention. The results of your careful planning should increase your exposure and boost your sales.

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