Friday, 1 November 2013

How Electric Water Softeners Improve Your Lifestyle

Hard water occurs naturally in many places throughout the country. High concentrations of minerals like calcium cause hard water. Electric water softeners can minimize or remove these minerals. Installing an electric water softener will improve everyday life in a number of ways.

No Residue on Skin

The calcium and other minerals in hard water can dry out skin. It also interferes with the natural properties of soaps, lotions and other skin care products so that they do not lather properly. This result is residue on the skin. An electric water softener will allow for softer skin that feels better. Electric softeners will not cause dry skin like some systems that rely on chlorine or other chemicals to remove minerals from the water.

Fewer Plumbing Problems

The minerals in hard water do not stay suspended in the liquid. They attach to the surfaces inside of pipes and plumbing fixtures. The result is a layer of calcium that eventually clogs pipes. The same accumulated material causes metal pipes to rust and corrode over time. Electric water softeners suspend these particles so that they cannot attach to plumbing. This means fewer problems with pipes and lower maintenance costs over time.

Cleaning Becomes Easier

Hard water that drains out of a tub or sink leaves behind a mineral residue known as scale. Scale is harder than normal dirt and can cause permanent discoloration if left untreated. Scale is difficult to remove. It is resistant to many cleaning products and methods. Calcium can even be deposited on windows or countertops when water is used to clean the surfaces. Installing an electric water softener will prevent large amounts of calcium from forming scale on surfaces. This makes cleaning the home much easier and faster.

No Damage to Appliances

Many appliances in the home such as dishwashers or washing machines rely on nozzles to feed water into the machine while operating. Hard water minerals can collect in these appliances. Nozzles in dishwashers can become clogged and discolored. This reduces the effectiveness of the appliance. Hard water could cause permanent damage that requires expensive repairs. Homeowners can avoid damage to appliances by installing an electric water softener to remove harmful minerals.

Clothes Last Longer

Washing clothes in hard water can cause problems with the fabric and the dyes. Hard water causes clothes to fade quickly. It also prevents detergents from working correctly so that clothes never get fully clean. Very hard water could stain clothes or cause physical damage after some time. Electric water softeners will save families money because clothes will last longer.

Water Heaters Work Efficiently

Hard water can have a very negative impact on water heaters in the home. The minerals in the water affect the efficiency of the heater. The calcium can attach the heating elements and prevent them from working correctly. This will increase electricity bills by a significant amount. Accumulated minerals could start a fire inside the water heater that destroys the unit. All of these issues can be avoided by installing an electric water softener.

Less Maintenance than Other Systems

An electric water heater has fewer moving parts and consumable components than most other systems. A number of traditional water softening solutions require monthly replacement of mediums, filters or other parts. An electrical softener requires very little maintenance while also producing good quality water quickly.

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