Friday, 1 November 2013

Impressive Haunted House Ideas & Last Minute Costumes!

There is always that one really cool house about a mile away from yours that hosts an independent haunted house out of their garage.  They frighten children to the point where candy is dropped, and they frighten adults to the point where new smartphones are left to be trampled.  It is your turn to create an independent haunted house that the neighborhood kids will talk about until Thanksgiving. 

Below is a list of impressive haunted house ideas that can be executed in your garage and driveway:

Create a Maze with Trash Bags and Plywood

Having guests stick their hands in macaroni “brains” can get a little old.  Set the tone for a haunted house by creating a short maze.  The maze will often reduce the chances of guests bumping into one another or getting hurt.  If someone does not come out of the maze in five minutes, you likely have a problem that needs to be addressed.    

Recruit a Few Actors from Around the Neighborhood

One cardinal rule for haunted house actors is no touching the guests.  They can jump out at them, growl at them, and frighten them.  However, they cannot physically get too close.  Many teenagers love the idea of scaring trick-or-treaters.  Have several volunteer actors.  Also, be sure to make sure everyone understands that safety comes first. 

Start with a Bang to Set the Tone of a Haunted House

Keep the line a dozen feet back, and surprise each guest as he or she enters.  Set the tone for a great haunted house by having an actor in a mask jump and scream from the start. 

Use Black Lights and Bright Colors to Avoid Safety Issues and Add to the Creepy Factor

Contribute to the eerie ambiance while still making it easy for people to see by using black lights and bright colors.  Have actors wear brightly colored nylon stockings and neon masks.  Go for screams and silly string instead of chain saws.  Note that the use of chainless chain saws or other fake weapons might be a very poor idea.  Also, lighting the path of your maze can help frightened guests not trip or otherwise get hurt. 

Have the Right Music Playing in the Background for Your Haunted House

Further contribute to your homemade haunted house by playing your music of choice over a simple stereo.  Keep in mind that techno can often be just as terrifying as nature sounds.  You can choose a classic Halloween theme, alien abduction theme, or post-apocalyptic theme.  You can choose a different theme every year. 

Never Forget the Candy at the End

It is only fair to fork over the candy after terrifying the neighborhood kids.  A fake monster hand can hold the lollypops.  However, you need to give your haunted house guests something for their time and terror. 

Remember the Point of Having a Homemade Haunted House

Hosting a yearly haunted house gives you a chance to connect with your neighbors and have some fun.  Keep things fun as well as scary.  Be nice to younger kids, and design your haunted house to ensure that everyone stays safe and happy.  It is also good form to promptly return any bags of candy or personal items that were dropped along the way.  

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Courtesy of: We Love Colors

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