Thursday, 21 November 2013

Top 5 Ways To Picking The Perfect Taps

You may not think twice about your bathroom taps until you remodel your home. This is the chance to change the look of the bathroom with updated hardware. Worn taps corrode over the years, especially if they are older models without modern protective construction. Picking the perfect taps depends largely on your bathroom design, but you also need proper functionality and water conservation for a quality product.

Basic Design

Start your shopping by looking at different taps. What design catches your eye? It is critical to find a look that appeals to you, but still retains a classic appearance. Choose designs ranging from antique to modern.

Also consider your hardware colors. Cabinet and shower doors may have brass or metal handles. Try to match your new taps with your current bathroom hardware for a neat and consistent look. If you are changing all the bathroom's hardware, you can start with any color or material. Taps are typically made of chrome, stainless steel, brass or plastic. Brass is the most expensive whereas plastic offers a budget-friendly alternative. Take a look at all your options and choose taps within your budget that appease the eye.

Look At The Warranty

Taps are constantly used and can severely damage your bathroom if they malfunction. Water damage seeps into structural beams and causes mold or mildew. Choose taps that come with a substantial warranty. A typical warranty lasts for about 5 years and covers manufacturing defects. Some taps' warranties cover damage caused by installation issues, but that is usually only offered if a certified professional performs the installation. Because installation is relatively simple, most warranties simply offer the manufacturing defect coverage.

Water Conservation

Look for taps that have air-infused water flows or precision gaskets. Air-infused taps give you the impression of a wide and large water flow when it is truly a mixture of water and air. This reduces your water use and saves money over time. Precision gaskets keep water flow at a consistent pace. Water pressure varies slightly as you turn on the tap. The gasket stops water surges from forcing through the tap to conserve water. Although these specialized taps are more expensive upfront, you save substantially on your water use each month.

Everyday Use

Before you select your favorite design at the store, check if your home's water pressure is low or high. Some taps cannot handle high pressure water supplies. By verifying your home's pressure, you reduce the risk of purchasing a tap that won't work with your bathroom. Matching an incorrect tap with high water pressure causes rapid damage to the internal parts and reduces lifespan.

You will grab for the tap numerous times a day. Choose between levers, knobs or sensors to turn the tap on. Levers work well for bathrooms since you can mix hot and cold water easily with one hand. Sensors are more expensive, but keep your hands off of the tap, especially if you have mobility problems in your hands.

If You Have Children

Some taps come with an internal thermostat. If a child turns a lever tap all the way to hot, the thermostat activates to stop any scalding water from exiting the hardware. With the children safe from harm, you can allow them more freedom in the bathroom to gain more independence as they grow up. This safety mechanism is also useful for older family members with poor extremity control, including arthritic hands and arms. Set the thermostat to a warm, but not hot, setting to keep all your loved ones safe from burns.

Picking the perfect taps requires consideration of safety, appearance and daily functionality. Take a look at different models and ask friends about their favorite taps. This hardware lasts for many years in a well-maintained bathroom.

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