Monday, 4 November 2013

Winter Perils: Common Issues With Plumbing During Cold Spells

It seems as though the cold weather is here to stay – just what we need on top of the dark mornings and early sundown! Whether you’re concerned about your home or your business during the winter, plumbing can be a major issue that you’re faced with, with various things that could potentially go wrong.

While when the worst blockage happens, the professionals can use drain jetting to help clear the issue, the winter can also bring bigger problems, such as frozen or burst pipes which can have a huge impact on your day-to-day life, either at home or at work.

According to Aviva, pipes and plumbing problems cause the most home insurance claims – something that is bound to increase during the colder months because of the risk of freezing. Your home plumbing and heating systems are essential if you want to lead a comfortable life daily and it can be a huge inconvenience when something goes wrong.

Do you need someone to unblock your drains? Perhaps you need someone to repair a burst pipe? Make sure that you keep the number of a registered engineer handy should you ever need their help.

A big freeze could happen at any time over the imminent winter months, while storms and flooding could also cause issues to your plumbing, drains and heating systems. Here are some of the common problems that you may face and some helpful prevention techniques.

  • Leaking Pipes may seem like a relatively small issue but Aviva research shows that the average cost of a problem left ignored is £3,500. If you think you have a leaking pipe, during the winter or otherwise, call a plumber to look at it. The longer it’s left, the more damage the leaking water could cause to your home, causing structural damage, for example.
  • Frozen Pipes could just as easily turn into burst pipes when the temperatures drop, so make sure that exposed pipes are lagged and your insulation is up to scratch. If a pipe was to burst in your loft, for example, water could leak into your house, ruining décor, furnishings and causing structural damage. Can you imagine the disruption caused? Never a good thing, especially in the run up to Christmas.
  • Blocked Drains are a common issue any time of the year but with the increase in falling leaves during the autumn, it can be a bigger problem than usual. Make sure that your gutters and grilles are clear of leaves and debris so that nothing can get lodged in the pipes. Clearing gutters can be an arduous job, but it’s much better to do this (or call someone to do it for you) than be faced with a troublesome blockage further down the line.
  • Heating Issues are also a common problem during the colder months, especially since radiators haven’t been used as often over the summer. Make sure that you bleed any radiators that aren’t warming up properly, to enable the air pockets to escape. Invest in an annual boiler service too so that it is in tiptop condition for when you’ll really need it.

A little bit of home maintenance can mean the difference between needing repairs and getting away scot-free. Make sure that you’re on the ball and keep an eye out for any leaking pipes – it’s far better to catch the problem before it’s too late and the damage is done.

By Dyno

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