Sunday, 22 December 2013

Five Welding Safety Essentials

If you’re a beginner welder there are a number of safety tips you need to keep in mind. It’s important that you know what you’re doing before you begin welding, so be sure to speak with an expert first. Do some research into the different ways of welding, and be sue that you have all of the required safety equipment. Here are five safety essentials for your welding job.

Welding Helmet

A welding helmet is vital in protecting the skin on your face. When welding, there can be a lot of sparks from the molten metal that you don’t want anywhere near your face. Ideally your helmet will have a strip across your eyes to protect them from UV damage. In modern helmets the strip will darken as you begin welding, to ensure optimum safety for your eyes.

Welding Jacket

It’s important that you wear a thick jacket while welding. None of your skin should be exposed, so make sure that your jacket has long sleeves and is buttoned all the way to the top. The thicker the material, the safer your skin will be from sparks and UV damage.


If your helmet doesn’t have a strip across the eyes, you will need to invest in some goggles. Your eyes can become severely damaged from the UV rays, and it’s important to keep the sparks as far away from your face as possible. You may also need to use goggles after you’ve finished the job, to protect your eyes while you chip off any excess metal from the weld.

Working Boots

Make sure that your wearing work boots while you weld. Never wear sandals or running shoes. Your boots should be thick, with steel caps and rubber soles. The thicker your boots the better for the safety of your feet. Similarly, never wear thin clothing or dangly jewellery. You should ensure that your clothing is free of any frays and that you are not wearing anything that could become caught while you work.

Insulated Gloves

Your hands will be in need of serious protection from the sparks and UV rays. It’s vital that you cover your hands with a pair of insulated gloves. Be sure to find the most appropriate gloves as possible – you don’t want to be using anything too thin and risk the safety of your skin.

Never take any of your safety equipment off while welding. It’s vital that you remain fully covered at all times. But don’t let this deter you from becoming a beginner welder – as long as you adhere to basic safety and make sure that you are wearing the right welding safety equipment , your venture is sure to be a success.

Do you have safety tips or an experienced welder? Please share with us your tips and experience in the comments below.

Written by Jedi Wang

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