Friday, 20 December 2013

Tips For Staying Warm In Winter

Harsh winters can be life threatening. In 2012 – 13, England and Wales registered 31,000 excess deaths. This means that there were 31,000 more deaths in winters when compared to the deaths that take place in the warmer months. When compared to 2011 – 12, there has been a 29 percent increase in winter mortality this year. 

Although elderly people and people suffering chronic diseases are the most vulnerable to the cold, healthy and young people also die of complications that develop due to cold weathers. In such a situation, one of your topmost priorities should be stay warm so that you can avoid flu and other cold related disease.

Install insulated glass windows

Insulated glass windows act as barriers and prevent the external chill from entering your house. They not only keep the indoors warm, but also save money for you by reducing the power consumed by the heating devices in your home. Insulated glass is a onetime investment that helps you in winters as well as summers. 

Wear appropriate clothing

Winter is here and it is time to bring out your warm clothing. Wrap yourself up in layers of clothes to stay warm. Thermal wear, gloves, mufflers, scarves, woolen socks and boots are a must when you step out into the cold outdoors. Wear warm clothes indoors as well so that you don’t have to turn up the temperature of the heater or furnace in your house. When you sleep, either use electric blankets or place a hot water bag under the blanket. 

Drink warm drinks

During the winters, say goodbye to cold or chilled drinks and guzzle warm drinks instead. Drink at least two litres of warm water every day. Additionally, drink warm soups and broths. Although you might be tempted to drink lots of coffee, restrict consumption to two cups per day. Green tea and cocoa are two other drinks that keep you warm and healthy in winters. 

Eat healthy foods

Eat foods that increase the temperature of your body. Examples of such foods are nuts, sesame seeds, jaggery, dates, papaya, garlic, peppers, chillies and dry fruits.  These foods are healthy because they are rich in nutrients. They keep you warm and in good health. Many of these foods are known to boost the strength of your immune system as well.

Workout and be active

The best way to keep yourself warm is to keep yourself active. This way, you burn calories and heat is generated in your body. When you are sedentary, your body hardly burns any calories at all, 5 to 10 calories per hour. So, the heat generated is just not adequate to warm your body. You remain naturally warm all day long. Begin your day with half an hour of cardio workout and ensure that you indulge in small pockets of exercise all through the day. 

Install a good heating system

Make sure that your house is equipped with a good heating system such as furnaces or fireplaces. If you already have one, get it cleaned and serviced so that it works to the best of its efficiency. 

Protect yourself during the cold months and stay safe from harmful health complications. 

Lee Stanton is a heating engineer and blogs about home improvement, interior design and keep your property insulated. He recommends PG Fireplaces for all your fireplace needs.

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