Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Why You Should Go Green When Building A New House

​Creating an entirely new house from scratch can be a very exciting process. The chance to help design a home entirely to your specifications is one that many people choose when they have the time and money. A new home where the owner has a say in all aspects of the design including the exterior and interior is not only a chance to express your personal style- it is also an opportunity to build a home that meets all important environmental standards, says award-winning New Braunfels home builder, Scott Felder. The decision to go green during the building process is one that will pay both fiscal and emotional dividends for all the years that you live in your new home.

Save Money

Perhaps the most important reason you should go green when building a completely new home is the fact that doing so will pay for itself. Installing solar panels on your roof may be expensive initially but after the first few years, the solar panels will greatly reduce your utility bills. A front door and windows made from the latest energy saving materials will help make sure your house does not lose heat during the winter and stays cool during the summer. Landscaping your front yard not only looks great, it also helps protect your home against costly repairs from wind damage.

Improve Your Health

Products that are made from natural materials are often healthier than their non-green counterparts. Walls that have been painted with modern, green paints are less toxic and emit fewer fumes than other types of paints. Reducing drafts in your home with green products can help you get a good night's sleep.

Blend in Better With the Building Site

Many green products are made from recycled materials. A deck crafted from older, weathered planks of wood has an elegant patina that will make it appear as if it has been there for decades. This reduces the often raw feel of new wood. A kitchen floor covered in energy efficient tiles that are made from age old techniques will delight the eyes and give a feeling of permanence even if you just moved in the other day.

Green Products are Often Improved Products

Composite decking made from a mixture of wood and recycled plastic is often far sturdier and more weather resistant than standard decking materials. Countertops created recycled materials are often just as attractive as standard counter materials such as granite but far easier to care for and less likely to crack. A recycled rubber backyard play area offers a far safer place for kids to pay than normally used materials such as sod. Children are in far less danger from falls.

Add an Unexpected Touch to Your New Home

A bathroom cabinet created out of bamboo is very surprising. Delight guests by using sustainable bamboo cabinets in one of your bathrooms. The resulting cabinets are pretty, easy to care for and provide an exotic touch in an interesting place. The same feel of surprise and delight can be achieved with other green materials. Carpet a room in carpet created from plastic materials such as bottle caps and plastic beverage containers. Charm guests with the unexpected soft texture of the carpet. Going green when working on your new home has many advantages. Plan wisely, use new technologies and enjoy the delightful results.

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