Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Incredible Houses Made Of Steel

Steel has long been used in buildings to give structural strength. However, for the most part these have been simply steel-framed, with the metal giving support to a building mostly made out of brick and mortar. Now architects and builders are looking more and more to stainless steel suppliers, as well as titanium suppliers, to source their building materials. Impressive modern homes made entirely of steel are springing up around the world.

Practical Benefits of Steel Buildings

There are several advantages to making buildings out of steel. Chief among them is that steel is a strong, resilient material to build a home out of. This means a steel home will be resistant to everyday wear and tear as well as sudden disasters. Accidents such as falling trees will have less effect on a steel home than a traditionally built one, and because steel doesn't burn it makes for buildings that are incredibly resistant to fire.

The strength of steel buildings also makes them resistant to natural disasters. Earthquakes, for example, will have less impact on a steel building than on a brick one. Likewise, a steel home is less likely to suffer damage in extreme wind conditions such as hurricanes. This makes them ideal for at-risk areas.

In key points in the building's structure, titanium will sometimes be used alongside steel. This serves to give the building even greater strength.

Environmental Benefits

There are also a number of environmental advantages to building homes out of steel. Steel offers better heat retention than most traditional buildings. This superior insulation makes steel homes more energy-efficient than traditional ones. As less energy is required to heat steel homes during the winter, they will generate lower amounts of greenhouse gases and reduce strain on natural resources. Of course, many inhabitants of steel homes are also pleased about the lower bills they receive.

Steel is also an environmentally friendly building material because it is a renewable resource. Steel homes are built to last, but eventually any building will be dismantled by a future generation. When this happens, steel can easily and cheaply be melted down. It can then be recast for a new purpose, with no loss of quality in the material. Much of the material that stainless steel suppliers currently provide may have already been through this process, so steel buildings reduce the amount of waste going to landfill in both the present and the future. Titanium suppliers such as Dynamic Metals can operate in much the same way, so buildings where titanium is used are just as renewable.


For many people, the appeal of a steel home lies in its appearance. A steel home – with an exterior fashioned from glistening metal and glass – is a very impressive sight. There are few buildings that look more modern or even futuristic.

Of course, the ultra-modern look is not for everybody, and many builders and owners of steel homes are turning to cladding. This allows homes that are built from steel and have all the strength and environmental advantages to take on the appearance of a more traditional house.

Colins is an Architect and blogger on free time. He loves to explore new materials and deconstruct ideas.

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