Thursday, 9 January 2014

New Year’s Resolutions - Saving Energy In 2014

Now is the time to start thinking about the year ahead and how you can save energy. It’s important to get into good habits at the beginning of the year so you get off to a good start. There are also a few things you might want to sort out as the new year begins so that you have the best possible chance of saving energy. You don’t have to make huge changes to be able to make a difference, you just need to try a few different things and be open to new possibilities. Start by making a conscious effort to be aware of how much energy you use, so that you know where you can make improvements.

1. Do An Energy Audit

See if you can get a breakdown of your energy bills so that you can determine just how much energy you are using. You should also be able to find out where you are using the most energy, you can then target these areas and try not to use them as much. Doing an energy audit is an excellent way to start the year and get you focused on saving energy in 2014.

2. Get LED Lighting

LED bulbs can reduce your lighting bills by up to 85%. Yes there is a small initial cost but you will make so much back on your investment. LED lights are so much more efficient than traditional light bulbs. If you still have standard light bulbs then consider switching to LED lights in 2014, you will be amazed by the difference.

3. Learn About The Latest Devices

Every year more and more energy saving devices hit the market and it can sometimes be hard to keep up. This year, instead of burying your head in the sand, try and do a bit of research into the latest energy saving devices.

4. Take Part in Big Energy Saving Week 2014

If you are interesting in saving energy this year and reducing your impact on the environment then be sure to take part in the Big Energy Saving Week 2014. The main purpose of this week is to help people save money by reducing their energy bills. The things you should be doing including insulating your home properly, making better use of energy and searching for the best deal from energy providers. This week takes place between the 27th and 31st January 2014.

5. Review Your Providers

January is the ideal time to review your energy providers and make sure you are getting the best deal. It’s easy to let it roll on another year but you could make huge savings if you are savvy enough. Search around for offers and choose a provider with a fair deal that you feel will provide a good service.

6. Get A Programmable Thermostat

Don’t simply turn your heating on and off manually. You are likely to forget to turn the heating off or leave it on for much longer than needed. Invest in a programmable thermostat for 2014 so that the heating and hot water only come on at times when you really need them.

7. Try Energy Saving Apps

There are lots of different energy saving apps available, so why not take advantage of a useful resource? There are apps that can help you with a wide range of energy saving issues. Have a browse through some apps and select ones that could help you make a difference.

Neil Martin is a keen envrionmentalist and takes an interest in renewable energy and energy efficency. He recommends Energy Saving LED for you all your LED needs.

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