Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Sweet Dreams - How to Make Your Master Bedroom Feel More Luxurious

Your master bedroom is a special space for you and your partner – a cocoon in which you can escape from the world and relax, sleep, make love and unwind in comfort from your busy lives. It should be a space that prioritises comfort, so that you can completely relax.

If you have ever stayed at a luxury hotel, you will know the feeling of walking into a space that is completely designed to pamper you in every which way. What if you could enjoy that sense of luxury in your own master bedroom?

You don’t have to stay in a luxury hotel to get the same effect in your bedroom at home. You can make your bedroom feel like a luxury hotel by paying attention to the details and adding a few luxurious extras.

A High Quality Bed and Mattress

If you want your bedroom to feel really luxurious, treat yourself to the best bed that you can afford. You will absolutely see a return on your investment when it comes to the quality of sleep that you receive. You can find excellent super king-size beds at online specialists like John Lewis.

With a high quality mattress, you will find that it provides your body with much more support and doesn’t disturb you as much when your partner rolls over in the night. You will get a much deeper sleep, which will leave you feeling happier and well-rested.

Luxurious Bedding

Another aspect to pay attention to, which will make your bedroom feel like a luxury hotel room, is the bedding. A top notch hotel room will always have fresh, soft and irresistible bedding that you can just sink into and fall asleep. It is often made from silk or 100% cotton with a high thread count – making it feel soft and warm. Again, buy the best sheets, pillow cases and comforter that your money can buy – it will make a huge difference in the comfort of the bed.

If want to make the bed feel more like a hotel room bed, you can decorate it with several pretty co-ordinated pillows in luxurious fabrics such as velvet and silk. These pillows will add a lot of texture and visual interest to the bed, making it look more sophisticated.

Get Rid of the Clutter

Another way that you can make your bedroom feel more luxurious is to reduce the amount of clutter. If you have piles of dirty laundry, stacks of files and papers and a pile of debris on your nightstand – your bedroom isn’t going to be very relaxing.

The best way to avoid clutter in the bedroom is to create a system of storage. Have a laundry hamper so that you can put away your dirty clothes out of sight and have a system of drawers or files somewhere else where you can keep important papers. Clean off your bedside table and dresser often, putting every little odd thing in its place.

Adding Mood Lighting

Using a little bit of mood lighting in your bedroom can really make a difference as to how the space feels. You can install recessed lighting over the bed to give it a nice romantic glow or add lamps with dimmers so that you can adjust the lighting. You can also add a table lamp at your bedside, which is perfect for doing a little bit of reading before you fall asleep.

The Little Details

Of course, there are many other little details that can make your master bedroom feel more luxurious – like you are staying in a fancy hotel. For example, a pair of comfortable slippers, a cosy robe, some nice-smelling soap in the ensuite bathroom, some big fluffy towels and even a towel-warming –rack for the bathroom. You might even want to light a few candles to give the room a romantic glow and a pleasant scent.

All of these little details add up to create a wonderful and luxurious feeling master bedroom – so that you can get five star comforts in your own home.

Tia Jordan is a freelance writer and interior design consultant. She lives with her husband and their two daughters. She likes to write about tips and ideas for making your home more functional and elegant.

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