Sunday, 19 January 2014

The Benefits Of Handleless Kitchens

Handleless kitchens are becoming extremely popular. People are drawn to their sophisticated, modern design and the many benefits that they offer. Handleless kitchens do not have any bulky handles sticking out, they are completely handle free. This gives a completely different look and feel to a traditional kitchen.

Handleless kitchens often require more effort in the design stages, because the designer has to make everything flow and work out how to add handle space. Everything needs to flow and come together so that the kitchen looks well put together and impressive. If you are thinking of getting a new kitchen then a handleless kitchen might be the right choice for you. Here are some of the key benefits to having a handleless kitchen over a traditional one.


There’s no question about it, handleless kitchens look very stylish. You notice the difference as soon as you set foot in the kitchen. You will be proud to have guests round so that you can show off your stylish kitchen. These types of kitchens are very much on trend at the moment, everybody seems to want one.

Clean Lines

Handleless kitchens are very desirable because they have clean lines. There are no chunky handles sticking out or ruining the overall design. Having no handles creates extremely clean lines that are pleasing to the eye and look very smart and sophisticated. Everything seems to flow easy and look like it all fits perfectly together.


There is something very modern about these kitchens, they look fresh and sleek. Some even have a futuristic feel with their clean look and impressive design. If you want a very modern looking kitchen that will look brand new for years then a handleless kitchen is a perfect choice.


As the kitchen isn’t filled with lots of handles, door knobs and unnecessary features it looks cluttered.  Your kitchen will also appear far more spacious and open. Everything will be cleverly stored away out of sight thanks to the smart design of your handleless kitchen.

Creative Design

You can be quite creative with the design of handleless kitchens, incorporating different colours and materials. Have your kitchen designed the way you want and choose a creative handleless kitchen design. It’s nice to be able to have a unique kitchen that has your own personal style and creative ideas built into it.

Easy To Clean

These types of kitchens are far easier to clean. You don’t have to continually scrub around handles and door knobs which can be quite awkward.

More Hygienic

Dirt doesn’t build up as easily in these types of kitchens because it doesn’t get stuck under handles. Handleless kitchens are often much more hygienic because of their clever design dirt doesn’t get trapped as easily.

Stand Out

You won’t be disappointed with a handleless kitchen, they really do stand out and look fantastic. As soon as you see what your kitchen could look like you will want one of these impressive kitchens.

No Need For Replacements

With standard kitchens you will probably need to get your kitchen door handles replaced. They can sometimes break and need fixing. With handleless kitchens you don’t have to worry about replacing all your old kitchen door handles because there aren’t any.

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