Monday, 17 February 2014

Dressing Up Your Room with Discount Scalloped Valances

Scalloped valances are ideal window coverings for your bedroom, kid’s room or kitchen. These valances are so popular in most types of home architecture because of its universal effect whether your house is rustic, country or Balinese-inspired. Although scalloped valances have western orientation, they adorn Asian homes as they make the rooms attractive with its variety of designs ranging from lined, laced or layered.

Online stores are selling them at cheap prices as they are very in-demand in high rise living or ranch type homes. It gives your home with a different ambiance and aura. Homemakers would rather decorate their windows with discount scalloped valances because they give their homes with sleek and dainty look. Children who sleep alone in their bedroom would feel comfortable with floral or fairy tale inspired valances. The same feeling is experienced by patients whose room is adorned with sunny colored valances.

Scalloped valances are neatly sewn in such a way that it could be easily installed over draperies or curtains. Their designs will give life to your drab room, making it a perfect comfort zone when you are feeling down. Discounted scalloped valances are available in soft, lace, Jacobean, jacquard, sheer fabrics, name it and the online store has them all.

For your kitchen, be meticulous when looking for scalloped valances by finding the right color combination and hues making it cozier for your food preparation. Use sunny or bright colors to keep it glowing and relaxing so cooking is more fun than a chore. Your sense of style is reflected on how you choose the color for your valances. Matching them with the style of your kitchen cabinets and your teapots or cups will give your kitchen window a welcoming aura.

Today, there are a lot of choices when you look for patterns and colors for the valance. The color, style and design should be prioritized when you look for the perfect scalloped valances with the right price tag. Lace and soft fabrics are easy to handle and install so you don’t need an assistant to mount them in your room. Dressing up your room need not be expensive if you buy the valances in discounted prices.

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