Sunday, 23 February 2014

How To Save Money On Keeping Your Family Pet

When it comes to the care and keeping of darling Fluffy or precious Spot, many pet owners will be the first to say that they are not one to skimp on any aspect of feeding, entertaining, treating or housing the canine or feline member of their family. However, what pet owners may not realize is that there are ways to cut your pet related budget nearly in half while still showing the utmost attention and dedication to your animal pal. And they will never know the difference, it is certain. No need to spend so many pounds a month on medical care, edible treats and other expenses, when you can dote on your pet cheaply or freely with a few tricks and tips.

While dogs, cats, and other pets can cost anywhere between £5000 and £22,000 to care for over the course of their lifetime, you can shave this whopping figure down quite a bit by starting off with a free or cheap pet in the first place. Mongrels or mutts are not only cheaper to acquire as many can be found at rescue centers or animal shelters, but they live longer, are generally healthier, and will cost you a good deal less to take care of over their lifetime. Skip that purebred pedigree French poodle you've been drooling after, and choose an animal that needs a home from your local shelter.

When It Comes Time for the Vet

Many pet owners are notorious for being too quick to rush their animal to the vet at the slightest bit of discomfort, pain, or fear. Since animals can't communicate with language, it's hard to know when the appropriate time is for a vet to get involved. However, unless the situation is an obvious emergency, try not to be too hasty in going to the vet. Instead, research symptoms in a veterinary book or online, and aim to diagnose and treat minor problems yourself in order to save on pricey vet bills. There will of course be times when going to the vet is unavoidable which can prove costly, therefore you may benefit from the help of payday loans to enable you to afford the necessary treatment for your pet.

Pet insurance is likely to play a major role in your animal related expenses. When shopping for insurance for your pet's well being, make sure to do a price comparison between at least three insurance adjusters. The cheapest plans might do the trick for a young and healthy animal, but for an elderly dog or animal that you think might fall ill, you will want to take out coverage that ensures payment for long term medication or treatment, just in case. Shop around, and don't pick out an insurance plan until you are satisfied with both the premium payment and the cover costs as they apply to that particular animal.

Fun and Games

Every pet owner revels in spoiling their little creature with the odd bone, toy, or other treat. But make sure you don't splurge by ensuring that you purchase all of your chew toys, strings, noise makers or other knick knacks from a charity shop instead of brand new. Ask your local butcher if he throws out scrap bones or other sweet meats that your dog might enjoy for a low cost, or for free. If you have a cat, you might inquire about the herb catnip at your local herb shop, as your feline will go mad for that dried green fluff, and it will cost you far less than buying a special cat toy. 

Remember to buy your pet's food in bulk, and save on food expenses by going in on a few bags of food with a friend or family member who also has a hungry animal mouth to feed. With just a little ingenuity, and plenty of affection for your furry friend, you will be able to care well for the animal in your life without going over budget.

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