Monday, 17 February 2014

My Four Straightforward Ways To Freshen Up Our Crib

With so much on our plates this year [me--- work, work, work; him --- work, work, work; plus planning our four-week-Philippine-vacation, our one-week-Europe-trip, if possible a two-day-Scandinavian-cruise; along with the regular house hold chores and more] we simply can’t squeeze in one more project this year that is to transfer to a more spacious flat.  Well, there’ll be next year for that.

Since moving into a new apartment won’t be happening anytime soon, we’ve decided to freshen up our crib instead.  Uncertain on where to begin [I am so bad when it comes to home improvement projects … ouch!], getting inspiration online from, for example, London interior designers makes the transformation somehow easier.

While at it, this photo has given me quite a number of simple ideas on what to do to update our living room:

Don’t be too colorful.  During my younger years, colorful rooms are candies to my eyes.  Love Loved them to bits.  Focusing on two colors and two or three accents are enough to make a room beautiful.  It gives that more spacious feel thus making the room look more relaxing.

Lay eye friendly easy-to-install carpet.  Picking our new carpet hasn’t been a walk in the park.  If I recall it right, Bebe and I have spent about two hours before finally settling on which one to pay for.  Finding the right color, material, size and price can be mind-boggling especially when you do it online.  The two-hour carpet shopping is definitely worth it.  It’s easy to clean and maintain.  Not only that we find it perfect for the living room, our cats definitely love it to bits!
Less clutter, please. We’re trying to get more organized which means, we try not to buy unnecessary household furniture and items.  Not only that we get to save money, it’s less clutter at home, too.

Lights on.  We tried lighting up candles a few times for a more romantic feel at night.  However, because we have very curious cats [whiskers get burned *yaks!*], there’s no other option but to turn on our lava lamp and pretty glass teddy instead.  Works just fine especially when watching movies or tv shows.

Happy Monday everyone!

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