Monday, 3 February 2014

Six Opulent Home Decor Ideas I’ve Been Considering

Let’s face it, we all love spending time at home - it’s where we feel safe and warm, somewhere we can really relax and be ourselves. So I’ve been thinking recently about giving something back to my home and really treating it to something a bit flashy. I’m not sure exactly what I’d like to get yet, but here are six things I am considering - perhaps you could help me to come to a decision?

New bathroom suite

The bathroom is somewhere that us girls spend loads of time in pampering ourselves and getting ready for the day ahead, so it would be great to update my bathroom suite to something a bit more modern. It would be great to have a separate shower cubicle for those mornings where there isn’t as much time, but then a nice, large bath for those rewarding weekends.


Nothing says opulent and luxury more than a hanging chandelier, and it would be great to get something which visitors would say ‘wow’ to as soon as they saw it. I’ve been looking at various crystal glass designs for the dining room; as well as looking stunning, it would also be an interesting talking point for my guests - almost like a piece of artwork!

Hot tub

This might be one of my wackier ideas, but I’ve also been looking into getting a hot tub. What better way to while away the evenings than taking a soak in some warm bubbles! Whilst getting one of these inside would be impossible, it’s certainly an option to get one fitted into the garden. I paid a visit to this site and had a look at their range, and it certainly seems like more of a possibility than I once thought!

Luxury rug

What better feeling would there be when you first get out of bed in the morning than to sink your bare feet into a luxury rug? And while it is true that I would need to make a special effort to keep them clean with the pugs likely to be playing, and probably sleeping on them most days, I think it would be well worth the investment! Something made from Egyptian wool, or perhaps sheepskin would really take my fancy.

Grand piano

Whilst I don’t play myself, some of the most beautiful homes you see pictured in the magazines or in the movies always have a grand piano located in the hallway or living space. These incredible instruments have become such a popular, opulent home decor accessory that I would love to see it sitting there every day when I get in from work. I’d probably even consider learning to play when I get the chance!

Huge fridge freezer

We’re already blessed in this country with having such incredible fridge freezers available to us, but I love cooking and my kitchen so getting an absolutely massive new one would really be the icing on the cake for me. I spend so much time in the kitchen already, and it would be a great way of really giving something back to one of my favourite rooms in the house. I think I am already talking myself into it!

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