Wednesday, 26 March 2014

15 Cool and Simple Dog Toys You Can Make From Items Lying Around The Home

Does your dog need a new toy or two, but you don’t feel you can afford it? Or perhaps you simply haven’t got time to go to the shop, or order one offline. You don’t have to spend a small fortune to give your dog a great toy to play with - you can easily make some cool toys from items you have lying around the house!

These 15 toys are very simple to make, and will keep your dog entertained for hours:

Photo source: flickr

1. A T-shirt Wrapped Water Bottle

An old water bottle with the cap removed can make a great toy for your dog, wrapped inside of an old t-shirt. This toy is nice and crinkly for the dog that likes noises.

2. A Tennis Ball and T-shirt

Knot or braid an old t-shirt and insert through the middle of a tennis ball to create a toy you can throw or tug.

3. A Cereal Box With Treats Inside

Sellotape up some of your dog’s favourite treats inside of an empty box. They’ll soon tear it up but they’ll have lots of fun!

4. Braided Old T-shirts

A great way to recycle your old t-shirts - simply plait them up and throw them to your dog.

5. A Knotted Towel

You can knot a towel in the exact same way you would a t-shirt!

6. Rope and Dried Sweet Potatoes

Knot up some chunky rope and wrap around some dried sweet potatoes for a genius, tasty treat that’ll last ages.

7. Rope Toys

Hand tie some rope you’ve got lying around the house to make a great toy.

8. A Milk Jug

That’s right - a simple old milk jug can make an amazing toy for dogs! Sellotape some treats inside to add another exciting dimension to the toy.

9. A Denim Knot

Simply knot up some chunks of your old jeans to make a great toy.

10. A Ball Made from Fleece

Knot together pieces of fleece for a cool little puffy ball. Avoid this toy if your dog destroys toys in a matter of seconds though!

11. The Sock in Ball

Simply put an old tennis ball inside of a sturdy sock and tie a knot to seal it inside.

12. An Empty Cuddly Toy

Do your kids have a cuddly toy they no longer want? Remove the stuffing, sew it up and give it to your dog. Dogs can keep toys like this for years, however; be careful if your dog ever gets fleas, as they can live on the toy. Buy treatment from

13. Garden Hose Hoopla

Take a section of garden hose and put a 3 inch long piece of branch that fits snugly in one end. Curve the hose around to create a hoop for throwing!

14. The Crackling Sock

Take the cap off a plastic bottle and throw it away, then squeeze all of the air out of the bottle and put it inside of a bottle. Tie to keep the bottle in place. Your dog will love the crackling and texture of this toy!

15. The Cardboard Tube

Get an old cardboard tube and sellotape your dog’s favourite treats inside.

See? You don’t have to spend loads of money to give your dog some cool toys, simply make one of the 15 above with items lying around the home.

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