Thursday, 15 May 2014

Garden Design: What Are Canopies?

Canopies are perfect for providing cover where needed, not just for the home, but also for structures such as bus shelters and schools that require additional undercover space for students to congregate, whether it be for lessons or leisure. They are also ideal in parks and offices – in fact anywhere that a weatherproof area is needed. However the importance of canopies blending in with their surroundings is vital and research constantly strives to achieve this.

The structure of a canopy, whether it is a gazebo, extension to the home, a walkway or a simple bus shelter, should be environmentally friendly while still looking great; they are designed to be just that, regardless of whether the setting is modern or more traditional. The use of new high-tech materials ensure that the canopies are lightweight and weather-resistant – in fact, these days, they have a lifespan of up to 30 years. Another great advantage is that they are 100 per cent recyclable and can be reused for many industrial processes, so government bodies such as local councils can invest in bus shelters, for example, knowing that at the end of their lives they still have a use and a value.

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Bearing in mind that canopies are used in areas where there are people, safety standards have to be of the highest level and as a top quality canopy will be constructed using the same standards and care as a traditional building, British building regulations are strictly adhered to; with this in mind, canopies can be constructed in public areas with confidence. They can even be installed in regions that are subject to ground tremors and cyclones, such is the quality of materials used.

So if extra space is needed, consider the various styles available as they can provide solutions for just about any setting.

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